DNA to solve tragedies

By Jacob Gleason

Day One:

Today I had a very tough time trying to find information on anything related to tragedies.

Day Two:

Today, with the help of Grace, I finally found an article that I could use for this project. I was led to Time magazine, the article is called "The case of the Disembodied Feet". Just how it sounds, this is a case where 5 different foot/feet were washed ashore.

Day Three:

So I went to the TIME website and read more on the Case of the Disembodied Feet. The story is that five different disembodied feet were washed ashore, almost all of them still in clad sneakers. Through DNA testing they discovered that one of the feet belonged to a man who went missing for several months. Many theories were tossed around including foul play. The one that the coroners say is that the ocean currents and decomposition, separated the feet from their owners. So what I picked up from this is that no matter what body part is left behind, through DNA testing they can find out who you are.

Day Three Cont.

I was curious about something, so I looked up Tragedies involving DNA testing. Well I found a site called "zeenews", and it contained a story about a tragedy that happened on August 13, 2013. All this occurred in Mumbai, A submarine named INS Sindurakshak, where an explosion ripped the submarine apart and killed all of the members aboard. There were 18 members on the sub, but only 11 have been discovered. They held a ceremony to honour the dead. So What I obtained from this is that, when soldiers die in the LoD, we will DNA test them to find out who they are, so we may pay are respect to the family who lost those in the explosion.