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C. Brooks 7


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The purpose of this blog is to show us our improvement from the beginning to the end of the year, and to show how much we've grown.

Quotes I Like...

"Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking." ~ Abraham Lincoln

  • I agree with this quote because it is completely true. The truth is revealed in the dark.

6 Word Memoirs

A hard life made me stronger.


Sun Sentence.

I am like a blanket, i make people feel safe.


Well, my name is Cierra Unique Brooks. :) Hi. I play volleyball, i have for two years, I love it! My favorite subject is English because i like writing. My favorite color is ORANGE. :D I am happily taken by someone that makes me ecstatic! I am 5'8 now! I have brown hair and ombre hair. My favorite thing to say is, "IM A THUG." because it needs to be known! I am a caring, funny, athletic, trust-worthy, leader! Anyone that ever needs someone to talk to, always comes to me because they know that 1, whatever they say stays between us. And 2, i am good at giving advice and easy to talk to. :)



Antigone Biopoem

Character: Antigone

I am strong, loyal, and bold.

I am sister of Isamene.

Lover of family.

Who feels true to herself.

Who needs to be heard!

Who fears the Gods.

Who gives her life for good reason.

Resident of Thebes.

Self-Reliance Essay

What if everyone did what they thought was right? Some people who prefer self-reliance think that is always right to do as you please. Yet, people should seek guidance because experts are more educated on the subject and could possible insure a positive outcome.

To start off, people should seek guidance from experts because they are more experienced in that field of study, went to school for years to master the subject and are extremely reliable. A quote that helps support this argument is from the play Antigone. The Gods said to Creon " The only crime is pride, give it to the dead man." This quote relates to the prompt because it shows that you can not always be right, sometimes you need guidance. On the other hand some believe you should be allowed to make your own decisions and do what you want. Yet, realistically all people need some sort of guidelines and boundaries . Since experts know more about the subject and could insure a positive outcome, people should seek guidance. He who ignores a wise mans words of guidance lives a life of only mistakes.

My Performance on Essays

I think i do well on essays in general, i enjoy writing them and annotating. Essays give you a chance to get your opinion out there and heard. I think that i could work on expanding my vocabulary, and being using words that normal sophomores do not use.