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Purpose of Project

This issue of global terror relates to Bryan Stevenson's ted talk because it is a major social injustice. Bryan Stevenson talk about the social injustice in America is a corrupt justice system. He also talked about if a black teenager was tried the same as a white business owner then the justice system in America would be non-corrupted. The reason ISIS is a social injustice is terrorism. ISIS members have been terrorizing local and foreign citizens across the globe. the terror has been from small website hacking to videos of beheading. This affect the social life because of civil unrest and rioting. This social injustice can start a major war in Syria.(IISL)
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Modern day "Mockingbirds"

The social injustice that is going on is terrorism. The victims of this social injustice are the citizens of Syria and citizens in other counties. Right now there are Syrian rebels that are fighting the nation government and it's army. The president of Syria is the main enemy in this. He was appointed the president he promised the people of Syria things like freedom of speech and religion. Then he took that away and basically started martial law in this country. Mockingbirds in this conflict would be the people that don't support ISIS or the corrupt government of Syria. Mockingbirds are also the people fighting ISIS the corrupt ones. There are women and children that are affected right now because of this conflict. (World)

Social Context: "The Disease"

The disease that is growing in Syria is terrorism. The disease can be cured but not by one single shot. The key issues is the killings, bombings, and the thousands of refugees that have moved out of Syria to Turkey. The terrorist are gaining more people to add to their army wither that is by a person's own will or forced. Our nation stands for democracy and the conflicts that are going on in Syria are not what we want. Our role in this could be helping to stop the violence that is going on right now. If we want to go at a non violence approach then we could airlift in food, water and medicine. We could make a conpromise with the Syrian government about letting refugees out of Syria. (marlin)

Becoming Atticus Finch

If we became Atticus Finch we would we looking for a solution that works for both sides but one that does the less harm or no harm. Being Atticus would make us want to find as many possible solutions to this problem that both side could benefit from. The US could help arm the Kurds who are the people fighting. We could build bases and help the citizens inside Syria that are not a part of ISIS. The US could help the citizens by trying to get them out of the war zone and to a safer place like a refugee camp. We could set up checkpoints to stop people from join and to keep members of ISIS from harming the people not involved. (will)
The Fight Against ISIS on the Border Between Turkey and Syria | TIME

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