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Hi! My name is Caroline Clarke and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma and I am majoring in Communication with a minor in Business. Currently, I work in the Communication Advising Office as the Student Worker. I really enjoy traveling, hanging out with my friends, and Netflix.

My name is McKenna O'Donnell and I'm a freshman communication major from Houston Texas. I'm a member of Tri Delt and I enjoy Netflix and shopping at CVS

Hi! I'm Allie Bond, a freshman, Communication major from Coppell, Texas! I'm a Zeta Tau Alpha here and love every second of it! I enjoy Gumby's, being around friends and family, and dance parties. I'm an avid ice cream eater and Grey's Anatomy watcher and have a huge passion for all things summer.

My name is Denise Fano, I am a freshman communication major from Cypress, Texas. My favorite things are traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

My name is Reagan Hurd, I am a freshman communication major from the small town of Bridgeport, Texas. I am a Fish Camp counselor for the freshmen class of 2019, I am involved in Zeta Tau Alpha, and Coastal Conservation Association. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, writing, and binge watching Netflix.

My name is Hanna Davis and I am a freshmen Communication major from Corpus Christi Texas. I enjoy summers at camp, naps in the sun, and warm quest bars.


I. Team Mission and Statement of Goals

i. Our mission is to serve the College Station community while building a closer friendship with our group and the people we are helping. To maximize efficiency and enjoyment we will strive to be more than a group put together in class and be a group that continues to maintain our friendship after the semester.

ii. As a group, we intend to work with Young Life Capernaum to create an event for students with disabilities involving fun activities for them. We hope to receive donations, games, and toys from our friends, families, and sororities in order to benefit the Young Life program.

II. Group Operating Procedures

i. Meetings

i. When: Tuesday’s at 6:00 p.m.

ii. Where: Callaway

iii. How long: An hour and a half. However, will stay longer if necessary.

iv. Group agenda: Caroline Clarke

v. Meeting notes: Allie Bond

vi. Distribute notes: Allie Bond. By the time of the next meeting.

vii. How to notify if absent: Through text message or group me.

viii. Who to notify: The group me (every member is in the group).

ix. Time to notify if absent: No later than 4 p.m. but preferably during class Tuesday morning.

x. If you missed: You will be sent the notes from Allie and will be responsible for a small portion of the work that was planned for the meeting time. If Allie is absent someone will take over secretary and will send out the notes in her place.

ii. Schedule

i. Our group is striving to have specific and achievable goals and to make sure that all members are up to date on any changes on times or dates.

ii. By February 19th: Establish a connection with Young Life Capernaum. To have a date and plan set in stone with the leaders of the organization.

iii. By February 26th: Talk to our own organizations about donating and how they can help what we are doing.

III. Conflict and Decision Making

i. Decision will be made by majority rule. In the event of a tie, we will rock, paper, scissors best 2 out of 3. We will manage conflict with openness and respect and make compromises when necessary. We will have a positive, comfortable, friendly, open and PRODUCTIVE atmosphere during our meetings. During meetings, we will be task-oriented, polite, and make equal contributions to the tasks at hand.

IV. Group Roles and Responsibilities

i. Allie Bond will play the role of secretary. She will take notes of things discussed and decisions made at all meetings. She will then email those notes out to the other group members. We will rotate who plays the devil’s advocate every week. They will challenge ideas, making us think of all sides of our decisions. We all have strong personalities and will also take turns as the leader. The leader for the week will make sure all group members are aware of meeting time and place. The leader will make sure our group stays on task and off our phones/other technology.

V. Technology

i. We have a group me set up as an easy way for us all to communicate as a group. We will use email to distribute the notes from the meetings. We will clarify the meeting time and place in class face-to-face, however, the group leader for the week will send out a text reminder for the meeting at least 30 minutes before the allotted time. Allie will save our work on two different computers in case one of them loses the work.

VI. Problems and Escalation Path

i. We will be open with each other if there is a problem. We will be confrontational and clear with our expectations for each member and as a group. We will split the workload equally among the 6 of us so there should be no issues. If for some reason a member cannot complete their work, they will be expected to complete it by the next week. If it isn’t completed by then, we will have to talk to them about their behaviors and contributions to the group. Our goal is to be confrontational but not aggressive. Overall this is a group we will be with for the rest of the semester and the relationships between members are important.

VII. Charter Signatures

“I agree to the goals and ground rules established in this team charter and commit to following them during the semester.”


Sunday, April 19th, 6pm

2400 Earl Rudder Freeway

College Station, TX

Bowling, pizza, and games for Young Life leaders and members.

What is Capernaum?

YoungLife Capernaum began in 1986 in California, the organization is ministry based and has many high school and college aged volunteers. Capernaum's main goal is to help disabled kids build dreams, have fun, and encourage them to love God. This organization gives some kids the opportunities they are not given at home. These kids meet together at least once a week and are matched one-on-one with a YoungLife volunteer, who must go through strict training before interacting with the kids. These fun activities like skiing, horse back riding, and mountain climbing are some of the many things this organization puts on to keep these kids active and make sure they feel loved.

Executive Summary

Our group found that we could create an event for Young Life Capernaum in order to give the members a fun event to look forward to. We proposed the idea of receiving donations of toys and money from our friends, families and sororities to be donated to Young Life Capernaum and we also wanted to put on an event for both members and leaders of Capernaum to attend.

When writing our charter, our group originally wanted to put on a game night, or dance for the members of Capernaum. We thought that this would be a fun way to be involved in something we each have a heart for and give the Capernaum members and leaders a night of free fun and an opportunity to spend time together outside of their regular meeting times. Though we initially were wanting to put on a game night or dance, we quickly realized that a night of bowling would be an even better way to get everyone involved in an activity and having fun. Once we all decided upon the idea of a bowling party we began contacting Grand Station and Young Life Capernaum in order to decide on a date and to begin all of the planning that went into this event.

While we initially did not think of the idea of a bowling party, our outcome was pretty similar to what we initially were wanting to do. We knew we wanted to throw some sort of event for Young Life Capernaum in which members and leaders could both participate and have fun. The only change was that we ended up bowling rather than throwing a dance party or game night. Other than this one change everything else stayed as planned. We were able to get in contact with Capernaum as well as Grand Station with little complication. The only other issue we came across was finding a date that worked for the bowling alley, Young life, and our group.

Through doing this project we were able to put smiles on the faces of many members and leaders. It was incredible to hear how thankful and grateful they were for something so simple as a bowling party, but they were truly so happy to be there. I think that this event enhanced the member's lives by giving them an event to attend and look forward to. This also gave the members and leaders a chance to spend time together out of their regular schedule and get to know each other in a very fun environment. We would hope that this event would enhance the community by showing people how easy it is to go out and organize and event for Young Life Capernaum. We think that many people that hear of this event will be motivated to organize their own events for people in order to do something nice for such special people.

In the future we would love to see Young Life Capernaum getting involved with other organizations just as they did with us. This would be very beneficial for them because it was evident to see how excited they were to meet new people. Some limitations would be to make sure the event is cost friendly. We had a lot of help from the bowling alley with prices and we were able to narrow the prices down to only $5 a person. In the future, prices could limit this organization from doing certain events.

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Behind the Scenes

Our group met three times on Tuesday's at 6pm in the Callaway House for an hour. We met All other details were able to be resolved over our GroupMe chat.

At our first meeting, Tuesday, February 10th, we set our goals for the semester, agreed on an agenda, and set a few ground roles for our group. Once we finished our Charter, we brainstormed all sorts of things we could do to give back to the community. We unanimously agreed on getting involved with something we were all passionate about and would actually enjoy doing. In the end, we narrowed it down to Young Life because every member of our group felt tied to the organization in some way.

At our second meeting, Tuesday, February 17th, Hanna texted the head of Capernaum about our interest in helping out. Texts with Jenna are attached below. Once we had confirmed with Young Life that they wanted us to get involved, we brainstormed possible events we could put on for the members and ultimately agreed on bowling at Grand Station.

At our third meeting, Tuesday, March 10th, we planned a date and finalized all of the details. We confirmed a date with Grand Station for April 19th at 6pm. Emails with Grand Station's Marketing Director, Pam Upchurch, are posted below. In order to pay for the pizza and game cards, we all agreed to pitch in $50.

Texts With YoungLife Capernaum's Jenna

Emails With Grand Station's Pam Upchurch