Stress in College

by Mario Hernandez

Stress is not good for students

The amount of stress from school can be very overwhelming for a college student. Many students feel stress from homework, exams, studying, and even by money. The stress that students get from school negatively affects the body both physically and mentally. When students don't get rid of all their stress they start to feel health issues such as increase in blood pressure, chest pain, gaining weight, etc. Stress can also lead to students having psychological problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, etc.

Affects on Academic Performance

The amount of stress student get from school can greatly affect their academics and cause them to fall behind on their work. When a student is stressed it can affect decision-making, create impulsivity, Increase our likelihood of making mistakes, Cause us to ignore cues, Interfere with personal relationships, and Lower productivity. Even though stress is nearly unavoidable, it is best not to let stress affect one's academics.
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Get rid of Stress

Many students don't know in what ways to relieves there stress. In several articles that I read I found that the some of the most popular things to do to relieve stress are to exercise ,sleep, listen to music, and laughing, Everyone has or should have a hobby that can relieve there stress.