Lighthouse Girl

Author Dianne Wolfer illustrated by Brian Simmonds

About the author

Dianne Wolfer is an award winning Australian children's author who have wrote a lot of books such as Granny Grommet and Me, Annie's Snails, Light Horse Boy and of course Lighthouse Girl. I believe that Dianne Wolfer is a great author and I'm looking forward to reading more of her books.

LIghthouse Girl

This story is based on true events during the First World War.

The main character is Fay, who turns 15 when the war breaks out. Fay is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper on a small, remote island off the coast of Albany.

She lives with her dad, Joe and her donkey Jacko. Her mum died when Fay was a young girl.

Fay’s dad gives her a journal for her birthday which she uses to write about her daily life and about the war taking place in Europe at that time.

A lot of troopships stop to take on more food and water in the waters next to the lighthouse. Fay starts to communicate with some of the soldiers using flags.

Some of the soldiers ask her to send messages to their families which she does for them.

One young soldier in particular, Charlie, becomes her friend and starts sending her post cards with updates from both Egypt then Gallipoli.

Unfortunately, the story has a very sad ending as Charlie dies.

Pictures/photos of Fay and the cover

Rating and Age Group

Lighthouse Girl is a well written, amazing, war book about WW1. I think Lighthouse Girl Deserves 9 out of 10 stars ( which is a great score) . I also think that this book is

suitable for years 9 to 12 because I don't think that people under 9 will understand the book and for people older than 12 it's too simple.