Severe Weather

By:Ava Elizabeth Burdette


What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a large storm that forms over warm ocean water.With very strong winds that blow in a circular around the center, or eye , of the storm.

Wow Fact

Hurricanes can last up to a week.

Safty Tips

Try to board up all windows in your house, stay away from all windows, move closer inland if you live or are near the coast.


What is a Torndo?

A tornado is a funnel-shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud. It has wind spinning at a high speed.

Wow Fact

Tornadoes can damage one side of the road and not tough the other side.

Safty Tips

Don't stay next to a window.If you can't find a shelter .


What is a Thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm is a severe storm with lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and strong wind.

Wow Fact

Some thunderstorms can form tornadoes.

Safty Tips

Stay inside if possible, stay out of water,and don't stay under any tree.