Byron Nelson Orchestra

February 19, 2021

Checking In With You

We hope that you are all warm, safe and well following the last few days power outages, water shortages, snow and ice.

If you are having trouble accessing power, heat, food or water, please let your student's AP know. The district has a list of community resources available to try to assist with those needs, and will be happy to help you try to find what you need.

As we prepare for the coming week, please be aware that the severe temperature changes, especially cold, can have an impact on string instruments. When we return to campus, we will be glad to take a look and assess for any damage that either we can address or that needs to be taken to a music shop for repair. In the meantime, continue to keep the instrument away from extremes of temperature -- not by windows or heaters, and definitely NOT in cars/garages.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone in class soon.

Gary Keller

Sessalie Shapley

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