Week 10, Term 2 - Friday 8 July 2022

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

Kia Māia - Be Courageous

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best

Kia Ora - Be Well


This week is the inaugural Tu Meke Tumuaki Week / Principal Appreciation Week in appreciation of our principals/tumuaki around the country.

MOE leader Iona Holsted summed it up:

"I want to acknowledge and thank you for your herculean efforts to successfully lead and manage through the most extraordinary and challenging times."

We agree!

Some may not have realised, but with Mr Walker away on study leave and Miss Sattler out on sick leave, this week Mrs O has been our solo Principal.

Throughout some very challenging times we are hugely fortunate to have not just one, but three amazing leaders of our school!

Here is what some of our tamariki had to say:

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These are some of the things Kowhai 4 & 5 love about our Principal and Leadership team.

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Our Kowhai tamariki made Whaea Corinne some amazing appreciation cards


On Wednesday, despite some COVID and illness challenges, we were able to go ahead with our student showcase - the only one we have been able to have in Term 2.

A huge thanks to all the team that made this possible, Mrs O, Matua Phil, our Kapa Haka group (thanks Mrs Knuckey and Whaea Kelly)

It was an extra special showcase as we were also able to celebrate and say good bye, go well to Mrs J who is leaving for a new position at NPBHs next term.

We understand many of our whanau would have loved to attend to celebrate our tamariki and farewell Mrs J. Unfortunately due to many staff absences and uncertainties, we weren’t able to invite you this time and are very sorry that you missed it.

Looking ahead to term 3, we hope to hold a mid and end of term Showcase at Northpoint which we hope to invite you all to.

For now, here are some pictures of this one:

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"We sat in Whānau groups and our Whānau leaders held the flags for Piwakawaka, Kakapo, Tui & Kiwi. Matua Phil made up a chant for each Whānau group and the loudest group was judged by Cushla and Ian Walthew. The winners were Kakapo." - Esther Poching
"We sung the nation anthem and our school song. Poutama and Liam did a speech to farewell Mrs J and Mrs J did a speech about her time here at Puketapu. We are going to miss Mrs J a lot." - Harper Sutherland
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"We handed out the Te Mako Matawhero Awards to one student from each class, plus some special principal and office ones. They got to join Mrs O for a morning tea to celebrate." - Liam Smith
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"We did our first senior kapa haka performance for this year. We sung our school songs and did our new chant that Matua Phil taught us. It was nice to be back up on the stage preforming for our school." - Poutama Murray

Tōtara @ Pukeiti

This week our Tōtara classes visited Pukeiti. Monday - Tōtara 2 & 3, Tuesday - Tōtara 4 & 5 & Wednesday - Tōtara 1.

Thank you to the parents that helped make this trip possible.

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What was your favourite thing about your trip to Pukeiti???

"When we went into the tree huts" - Charlie Ryan, Tōtara 3

"The best part was the big muddy walks" - Euan Robinson, Tōtara 1

"When we went up to the tree hut" - Kohen Harvey, Tōtara 2

"When we went to the playground" - Erika Asai, Tōtara 1

"The plants" - Delylah Hall, Tōtara 2

"The MUD" - Sophie McGovern, Tōtara 1

"The muddy walks" - India McKenna, Tōtara 3

"The finish trail & getting soaked in the rain" Theo Connole - Tōtara 5

"The walks" - Maleah Ruwhiu, Tōtara 2

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Kowhai @ Rotokare


By Jade Christmas

On Monday my class and I went to Lake Rotokare. I was super excited when I woke up. When I got to school I was in class waiting for my teacher to come in so I could find out who was coming in the car with my mum and I. I found out that Briar and Bella came in my car. Then we hit the road. When we arrived at the lake we had a quick snack and headed off for a fun game called the predator game. We had lunch and went for a walk. When we came back we hopped in the car and went back to school. When we got back to school the bell had already rung. We took the lunches in and went home.

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By Anika Engebretsen

On Monday my class and Kowhai 1 went to Rotokare lake. It was a huge lake surrounded by a 8.2km pest-proof fence. It started with a long bumpy hour drive, when we finally made it we got through the doors and could see the beautiful lake we were then going to play a game with herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and a special team that could kill anyone I was green (herbivores) so I was running around so I would not get caught we played in a wet forest space I think I had a really good hiding spot until I was fully caught and out after that we had food and went on a lovely walk in the bush we saw so many birds and a lizard the walk was probably my favorite thing to do. I’m very happy for that trip.

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After going to Rotokare, Kowhai 2 were all inspired and looked at creating a NZ native animal using different media with Miss Collier. Below are some of the amazing art we now have on display. It's like an art gallery!

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Living our Values

PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning
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This week we celebrated our Te Mako Matawhero Value Award Winners at Student Showcase. Today they joined Mrs O and Whaea Corinne for a yummy morning tea to celebrate.

Rimu - Finn Barkla, Bryn Smith, Macy Donaldson

Tōtara - Sophie McGovern, Waimirirangi Adams, Pippa Perkinson, Michael Phillips, Ellori Papprill

Kowhai - Triston Kake, Millie Collinson, Zia Azad, Lucy Nicholas, Mallory Leaf

Kauri - Jahlia Manukonga-Te Uira, Chloe Lepper, Keisha Lowry

Principal & Office Special Awards - Dre-shae'a Awa, Onaleah Zandbergen, Iona Den-McKay, Tayla Gorrie

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Week 10, the last week of Term 2 and we had so many superstars this week... Well done everyone for showing our school values.
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Yulla Te Kura, James Smith, Jayden Williams, Aiden Terrill & Azura Savage

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Brodie Houghton, Hanale Adams, Connor Scholtz, Honor Wilson, Ivy Adams & Kobie Wilson

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Carter Silich, La-Shaye Hoeta, Ella Mackenzie, Kohen Harvey & Dwayne Michefski


Tōtara 1 have been amazing at showing our School Values at kai time so today our Chefs treated them in the whare kai.

Kia Manawanui - Having a heart by returning their containers clean and stacked nicely

Kia Māia - Being courageous and trying new things

Kia Kaha - Doing their best by eating the yummy meals

Kia Ora - Keeping healthy by eating their nutritious kai

Kua pai te mahi Tōtara 1!

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Great work Tōtara 1 - we hope you enjoyed your treat.

Board of Trustee Elections

Now is the time to nominate the people who you would like to see on our Board of Trustees.

Nominations are open for the election of five parent representatives to the school board.

All eligible voters will receive an official call for nominations by post or email. Use this form to nominate yourself or someone in your community. (Please check who is not eligible to be nominated.)

Nominate online at: https://myschoolelection.nz/mynomination or pick up a paper nomination form from the school office.

Nominations close at noon on Wednesday 3 August. Nominees may provide a signed candidate statement and photograph with their nomination (or this can be provided later).

The electoral roll will be held at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

As nominations are received, there will be a list of candidates’ names kept at the school up until election day, which you can view. Voting information will be sent (email or post) out to all people on our electoral roll after the close of nominations.

Voting will close at 4pm on 7 September 2022.

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And just like that Winter Netball for Year 1 - 6 has come to an end. Thank you to all our wonderful Coaches and Parents for helping make playing sport possible.

The last round was played this week and it was a fun dress up week. Lots of smiles & fun to finish of the season.

Home and school


Orders should all be in now as ordered closed today. Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser. Home and School will be in touch when orders are ready to be collected next term.


An annual favourite, orders will be open next term to get 2023 Calendars, notepads, mousemats or cards - all with your child's design printed on them. More information will be available next term, but here is a sneak peak:

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yummy stickers

It's that time again, bring your Yummy Stickers to school.

Stickers are found on individual pieces of fruit or on the fruit bags, so keep collecting them, bring them into school and we can swap them for sports equipment!

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Thank you

What a Bake Sale!!!!

Our bake sale organisers would like to thank everyone who contributed baking and purchased something at the bake sale. SORRY to those that missed out, there were lots more sales than expected!

A total of $756.60 was raised from the Bake Sale to go towards a Gymnastics Mat for the school.

Mahi whakamataku!

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Entrepreneur's Lucy Nicholas, Summer Wilkinson, Lexi Gorrie & Parker Smith

this week at school

Week 10 has been a busy one! There have been school trips, discos, celebrations, learning through play, board games, forts in Rimu, fun in the dirt and fun on the field before the rain set in.
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From home

If you have anything you would like to share or celebrate from home please email it to ksmith@puketapu.school.nz


Happy Birthday to the students who have Birthdays coming up over the School Holidays:

  • Alizeyh Tuhaka
  • Triston Kake
  • Khan Barnard-Perry
  • Addyson Chaloner
  • Madie Cadman
  • Liam Smith
  • Reeve Cooper
  • Cassius Leathers
  • Madison Webby
  • Brodie Houghton
  • Billy Prestney
  • Brynley Smith
  • Kobie Wilson
  • Hunter Wall-Colvin
  • Mason Cadman
  • Amira Azad
  • Caitlyn Bellairs
  • Mason Waugh
  • Jewel Lendib
  • Kayden La-Rue
  • Aurelia Takerei
  • Nikola Panchorie

Upcoming dates

Upcoming Whole School Events/Dates

Please check the Hero App for more dates specific to your child's class - for example, Year 8s have lots of High School Promotional Visits and Open Days coming up in Term 3.

Monday 25 July

  • First day of Term 3

Wednesday 3 August

  • BOT Nominations close

Thursday 4 August

  • Home & School Meeting

Monday 8 August

  • Life Education Bus visit begins

Wednesday 10 August

  • Board of Trustees Meeting

Community notices


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the lemon club

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are now taking bookings for Term 2 Holiday Programme at Puketapu School July 11-22, 2022

Activity name: Term 2 Holiday Programme at Puketapu School July 11-22, 2022
Venue: Puketapu School
Dates: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 to Fri, 22 Jul 2022

We use Enrolmy to help make booking quick and simple, so securing your place in Term 2 Holiday Programme at Puketapu School July 11-22, 2022 is only a few clicks away.

Ross Brown north trial

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parenting courses

Please find below list of confirmed dates for the Parenting Through Separation, Growing Together and Negotiating the Minefield Parenting courses being facilitated by Family Works Taranaki in Term 3 of 2022.

If you require more information or would like to register please reply via email, ring during office hours or follow the links here:


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The school holidays are the perfect time to go through your children’s bookshelves and sort out all the books that they have outgrown in preparation for….


“The Taranaki Toy Library is holding this year’s Children’s MONSTER Book Sale on Friday and Saturday 16th and 17th of September. On their behalf, we will be collecting any good quality 2nd hand children’s books after the school holidays. The holidays are the perfect time to have the kids go through their bookshelves, sorting out books that they have outgrown. If you have any unwanted books that you wish to donate, please drop these off to the school office from week 1 of Term 3. Please do not include colouring-in or activity books unless they are in new condition.

To find out more about this book sale, please browse the Taranaki Toy Library Facebook page under “Children’s Monster Book Sale”.

Facebook Page, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/585598643105798/585710696427926

Fibre Ed

Remember the woodshed that visited our school last year? Come along and see all the wool traders and have a go with knitting, felting, weaving etc.

There will be harakeke projects on display.

I encourage students to attend with their whaanau, and to look for the mako whero! (Clue: it is in the lower 1/4 of a long wallhanging, and it is felted).

Our school Piupiu from the office will also be on display.

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Edventure Holiday Programmes - July 2022

After reaching maximum capacity last holidays, we are excited to announce that these coming holidays we will be operating out of two venues in New Plymouth.

- Fitzroy School

- Merrilands School

The same programme will be running each day at each venue.

Week 1. July 11th-15th

- Edventure Everyday, see daily activities below. Onsite, 5-13 yr olds, $45/day

- Edventure Outdoors, Each day we head offsite for a new Edventure see daily activities below, 8-13yr olds $75/day $350 whole week special

Week 2 July 18th-22nd

- Edventure Everyday, see activity schedule below. Onsite, 5-13 yr olds, $45/day

- Edventure Dance Academy, In conjunction with Taranaki Academy of Dance, we transport the kids to the dance studio for their workshop. 5-11 yr olds $60/day

- Edventure Sports, A mixture of drills skills and modified games across a range of sporting codes 5-13 yr olds $45/day

Book Now - www.edventure.co.nz

Call - 02102241576

Email - mark@edventure.co.nz

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