Who Am I?

By: Jessica Chionglo

Basic Information

Hi, my name is Jessica Chionglo and throughout, you will learn new information about myself including; characteristics about myself, preferred learning style/styles, future occupational interests and more. This information has been accumulated through all sorts of tests which have helped me know and learn more about myself.


Personality Type

  1. Helper - Genuinely caring towards others. People pleasing, generous, and demonstrative.
  2. Thinker - Excellent strategists, who tend to be very curious. Quiet, logical, and analytic.

Time Quandrants

MY most prominent time quadrant is the procrastinator. I tend to leave things until the last minute which almost always results in being late and handing things in late or during the last minute. I also work and strive under stressful conditions at times.

Fruit Personality Type

According to my results, the fruit I am most like is a melon.

Natural Abilities: Determining importance, analyzing ideas

Learn best when: Working independently, respected for intellectual ability

Have trouble: Working in groups

Need to: Consider all alternatives

True Colour Personality Test

Based on this test, I am metaphorically the colour blue. Many characteristics and traits are claimed to be associated with this colour, but the ones that reflect me the most are that I:

  • Value close relationships
  • Need to feel unique
  • Make decisions based on feelings
  • Am adaptable
  • Am drawn to literature and nurturing careers
  • Bring unity to society

Career Cruising- Learning Inventory Style

Between a tactile learner and an auditory learner, I prefer learning from hearing. I respond better to oral instructions and enjoy participating and listening to class discussions.

Multiple Intelligences

  1. Linguistic Intelligence- Able to express myself and my thoughts orally and in writing in order to understand other people

2. Logical-Mathetimatic Intelligence - Able to manipulate numbers and values accompanied with abstraction

Interest Inventory


  • interested in the life of living organisms
  • interested in evolution and growth
  • interested in interactions between living organisms and their environment


  • interested in seeing the world in a new perspective
  • interested in exploring and seeing new things
  • interested in immersing myself to different cultures and ways of life

What is Important To Me?

  • Well being of friends and family
  • Doing and trying my best in everything that I do
  • Trying and learning new things
  • Growing everyday as a person
  • My faith in God


Many things in life cause me different types of stress. There are also many ways that I cope with stress.


  • Expectations
  • Homework
  • Family
  • Pressure
  • Rushing

I cope with distress by making use of my spare time and not completing tasks at the last minute by prioritizing tasks by importance.


  • Overcoming and completing challenges
  • Rewards for hard work (eg/ good grades, a job)
  • Looking forward to an event

Unique Characteristics

I am...

  • Observant
  • Sincere
  • Humble
  • Generous
  • Original
  • Brave
  • Determined
  • Honest


Occupation Sectors

Basic Work Skills

Consistent skills:

  • Being open to change
  • Being a leader and taking charge
  • Able to problem solve effectively
  • Assertive during appropriate circumstances
  • Able to listen to others genuinely

Skills to work on:

  • Time management
  • Setting realistic and attainable goals
  • Organizing
  • Speaking clearly
  • Motivating myself and others



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