Kindergarten News

Mrs. Codding's Class

100 Day of School!

The 100 day of school will be on Thursday January 28! There is a note in your DOG book explaining your project. Feel free to be creative! We invite you to come view our museum of items on Thursday from 12:50-1:10.

Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip in March. We will need volunteers to go with us. Volunteers NEED TO BE PARK HILL APPROVED! If you are interested at all in being part of the drawing to go on the field trip, please start the process today on becoming a Park Hill Approved Volunteer. Call the front office or visit the Park Hill website to get the information. If you are not a Park Hill Approved Volunteer, we cannot take you with us.

Valentine's List

Valentines' Day is fast approaching. If you child would like to hand out Valentines, please have them sign the cards and then write their friends names on the envelope. (this is great handwriting practice!) Please have a valentine for everyone in the class if you choose to pass them out. We will pass out valentines in the morning before the party. We have 18 kids in our room. Here is the list of kiddos in our room




















In Reader's Workshop we are digging into non fiction books. What they look like, what their purpose is and how they are different than fiction books. We have really enjoyed learning new and interesting facts as we read non fiction books. Add this to you list of "to reads" at night!

We reviewed rhyming this week. Please work again on this skill at home. It is a super easy skill to work on in the car when you are driving place to place. My family plays "they rhyming game" while we drive to basketball games or practices. It fun and can be silly! One of us picks a word and we all try to come up with words that rhyme with it until we can think of no more! They can even be made up words as long as you kindergartner understands they are listening for the ending to be the same.

We have also been reviewing our words daily. Many of us are getting very good at recognizing them. Don't stop there! Now see if they can make sentences with them. Have them spell them for you. Write them. there are so many things you can do with your words!

Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood

I look people in the eyes when talking

I listen to others with out interrupting

I am confident with my ideas

I listen to other people's ideas

I try to see things from other people's viewpoints

This Week Schedule


Tuesday-PE & Music


Thursday-Music & PE


Upcoming Events

Friday- Jan 22-Mercury Gymnastic Night

Thursday Jan 28-100 day of school

Thursday Feb 11-Early Release Day School out at 1:30

Friday Feb 12--Valentine Party 2:00-300


Please spend some time on practicing putting on and zipping coats. Winter is here and we are working to be independent in this area! Thank you!!

Please also send a coat EVERY day! We go outside every day, even if it is cold!