6th Grade Reading & Technology

Sept. 7, 2015

Edmodo Doesn't Replace A Planner....

"Education sure has changed since I was a kid!" I'll bet you've said THAT at least once in the past three weeks! If you have a first time middle schooler, things may seem a bit overwhelming this year! Edmodo, Reading Plus, HAC, SAC, Book Fair, Magazine Sales, PE clothes, Common Core Standards...you get it! And, how many usernames and passwords can one kid possibly manage!? It certainly does get a bit crazy! This year, we have attempted to simplify the log-in information, keeping usernames and passwords the same across programs. Students are using their own passwords. Students have also been encouraged to use a planner in every classroom, and they should keep all log-in information in their planners. Teachers frequently remind students to write homework in their planners. Edmodo serves as a reminder for those occasions when a child is ill, comes to class late, or for some other reason, doesn't get the homework copied down. Please also encourage your child to find a "study-buddy", another student in the same class whom they can call to get homework clarification, or missing assignments.

This year, planners will also be used as a "ticket" to leave our classes during Raider Hour to attend club meetings, intramurals, or visit another teacher's classroom to participate in study sessions, or to retake a missed test. Please ask your child about his/her planner frequently and make it a priority to check it and discuss these expectations. Thank you!

Web Picks of the Week...

More about Reading Plus 4.0...

Students have been really working on SeeReader in Reading Plus in the computer lab and scoring BIG! There have been more than 400 scores of 80% or higher on the comprehension tests! I know some students have experienced a bit of frustration over the "paced", or guided, reading passages because they are forced to read at a certain speed. This is the "guided reading" portion of Reading Plus and it is necessary for improving reading fluency. For the most part, students have been working hard and earning tokens to move from island to island in our Pirate Themed classroom! We will begin awarding prizes this week!

Thanks for all the Donations!

A number of you have already donated very generously! I am SO grateful and I have already begun rewarding students for their hard work. The first drawing for a $5 gift card will be at the end of the first quarter, and it will be for the students who level up during this quarter. To level up, students must spend time in SeeReader in Reading Plus and score at least 80% or higher on comprehension questions. A student from each class will be awarded. All of our students are winners, and I want to be sure to recognize those students who set goals and work hard to reach those goals!