Looking for Alaska

By John Green

Book Review

In my opinion, Looking for Alaska is one of the greatest teen-fiction novels that I have ever read. Looking for Alaska is about loss, coming-of-age, and what it means to be in a "Great Perhaps." The novel is written in a “before” and “after” setting, which I thought was awesome because it developed suspense for the reader as they approached the days before the tragic event that will change everything.

Miles Halter, a gawky, awkward boy who has a strange yet fascinating obsession with knowing peoples last words. Alaska Young, a devious, flirty, prankster. Miles "Pudge" was instantly attracted to Alaska, Alaska secretly likes Pudge also but acts numb to the feelings she has for him because she has a boyfriend in college, Jake. Their friendship grows and grows and they begin to prank against their enemy named "The Weekday Warriors" together.

This book will make you laugh, will make you cry, and will probably make you yell at your book. All in all, this novel is an amazing story of two lovers who have two completely different personalities that come together, but every book has its plot twists, you just have to read the book to find out what it is.

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Book Review | Looking for Alaska by John Green.