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January 2017

Dates to Remember

Start of Second Semester: January 4

MLK Day/Snow Makeup Day: January 16

December's Newsworthy Classrooms

Mrs. Nicodemus' Class "Breaks Out"

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Mrs. Nicodemus' class broke out of the Breakout EDU box with seconds to spare! Breakout EDU is a similar concept to the Breakout or Escape rooms that have become popular. To complete the Breakout EDU box, students have to solve standards-based problems and complete puzzles to find out how to get each of the locks off of the Breakout box.

"It was a fun game to play. Teamwork was the key goal throughout this game because you have to listen to one another. The fact that we got the last lock off with one second left was pretty neat." - Korrin Hawkins

"When I first saw the boxes with all the locks I was kind of nervous that our class wasn't going to be able to figure it all out. Once we began playing, everybody was really thinking outside of the box (no pun intended) and it was clear we were determined to get it opened. It was funny when Brandon got one lock off on accident just by playing with it. I'm proud of us for actually participating and getting into the game and getting in with just one second left." - Olivia Ranney

"I enjoyed the game enough to go home and look up all the different games. I wanted to buy my own kit for family Christmases and other family events. I really want this to be something we can do more often in class." - Andrew Demaree

"The Breakout EDU game far exceeded my expectations of getting students involved and out of their seats! During the activity each student was able to use their individual set of problem solving skills to help the greater good accomplish the task at hand. Going into the activity I thought there would be only about half participation, but much to my surprise, everyone at all levels were participating and really focused on solving the puzzles. With a second to spare they showed the teamwork and perseverance do pay off! Can't wait to use this activity again!" - Mrs. Nicodemus

Spanish Cram 'n Jams

Spanish Study Sessions

If you love Spanish class but need some extra help studying, don't miss the Spanish Cram 'n Jams! Western Boone's Spanish students have been able to work on their Spanish skills while having a good time. Each Cram 'n Jam session promises to be a fun and educational experience for every student involved.

"The Spanish Cram n' Jams are a time for kids to come into the classroom for extra help and practice at their own pace. It is a fun, relaxed environment with games, singing, snacks and everyone working together having fun while learning!

I do Cram n' Jams each Tuesday for anyone wanting extra help or just wanting extra practice. I have had over 200 kids attend just this semester with 39 attending Friday's Cram and Jam!" - Mrs. Brunty

"I started the help sessions as a mandatory remediation for students who were struggling with how to study. I got great feedback and so continued them every other week -- I've had as many as 30 students attend and it's a great time to not only learn to study more efficiently, but to get to know each other better. I am beyond proud of the kids who have come, even if it's only for part of a session, because it shows me that they truly want to learn Spanish and succeed with it. The study sessions will continue into next semester, and parents can look out for emails regarding the help session dates/times after break." - Miss Skoda

Mr. WeBo Competition

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A new Mr. WeBo has been crowned! Mr. WeBo is the yearbook's winter fundraising which has junior and senior Western Boone male students compete in four categories: opening dance, swimwear, on-stage question, and talent. The talent-level at this year's event was among the best seen at Western Boone, which made for a great show. When the final votes were tabulated, the crown for Mr. WeBo went to senior Eli Westmoreland.

"I signed up because I thought Mr. Webo was devoid of animals for too long, and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch how creative the seniors were with their talents and gimmicks. Then the funniest experience from the competition was watching Michael Dunn roll and dance across the stage in such a fashionable fury." - Fe'lix Martinez

"I signed up for Mr. Webo to have a unique experience and hopefully make people laugh. What I got was definitely unique and I feel that I became closer to all the other contestants, especially Sam." - Asa Gordon

"I wanted to be a part of Mr. WeBo because I wanted to have fun with other friends and learn some new dance moves!" - Stuart Dalrymple

"Mr. WeBo is the winter yearbook fundraiser. The WeBo Yearbook is completely self-funded and Mr. WeBo helps us to purchase camera equipment, attend journalism conferences, and helps us publish a great book! I love hosting this competition because it is a competition complete created by the yearbook staff. They design the t-shirts, the opening dance, emcee the pageant, work the lights and sound, manage the backstage area, and advertise for the event. Each year we have a great group of guys and this year was no exception." - Ms. Weber

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Counselors' Corner

Once a month the guidance department is able to use homeroom time to distribute various types of relevant information to our students. On December 15th the school counselors presented on three different topics during that allotted time.

Ms. Klinge utilized the school's state of the art Radio/TV Broadcasting program ( to deliver a LIVE Character Education Lesson to 7th-9th grade students on the importance of thinking before you speak. She used the T.H.I.N.K acronym to model the various steps someone should take before talking around others or posting thoughts online. The steps encourage students to ask themselves if the information they are about to share is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind. After the presentation, homeroom teachers lead their classrooms in further discussion questions and examples.

Ms. Baumgart took the sophomores and juniors to the cafeteria and gave them their score reports from the PSAT they took on November 2nd. The PSAT is a practice SAT through the CollegeBoard ( that will help prepare students to take the SAT college entrance exam in the spring of their Junior year and/or Fall of their Senior year. Ms. Baumgart discussed how to interpret individual scores, how to see what questions students missed on their exam, and how to go online to access more personalized information. The guidance webpage has a video summary available under the "How do I read my PSAT results?" tab ( The school counselors can help students register for the SAT if needed and students who think they may qualify for a fee waiver for the exam can acquire one in the guidance department.

Ms. Query headed to the auditorium to speak with the seniors about the upcoming scholarships they can apply for to help pay for college. A lot of the information she presented to them is emailed monthly and posted in the Scholarship Newsletter under the "How can I pay for college?" section of the guidance webpage ( A lot of the available scholarships can be found on the Community Foundation of Boone County's website ( ) or through the Scholarship link on the Western Boone Employment page ( Some scholarships require families to complete the Indiana College Costs Estimator ( and or the FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Don't hesitate to contact the guidance department with any additional questions.

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