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The Watauga River!

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Watauga river is 60 miles long and provides great space for fly fish to enjoy and jump around. Watauga is one of the top fly fishing fisheries on the east and has one of the best rainbow and brown trout populations. The scenery here is great and the water is a spectacular blueish green. It is one of the cleanest in the nation and is surrounded by Cherokee National Forest. Watauga has large deep pools and shallow riffles which makes perfect trout habitat for fly fishing.

Transportation- since there are no airports or trains near by watauga, people relly on the bus transportions.

careers- watauga is a place that is very low on jobs and its hard to get one


by: Emma


located in north Carolina, Watauga has a long standing and a well regarded reputation for high quality whitewater. Though today much more difficult runs have been established and tamed, the Watauga remains no slouch and demands respect regardless of the water level. There are a variety of pin spots, broach rocks, sieves, strainers, holes, and undercuts that require a boater to have boat control and run river skills. Such a qualified boater will find a technical playground of boofs, ferries, holes, mazes and drops arranged in such a way as to quickly make the Watauga a favorite run. they can keep this water cold all year long due to the release of wildlife . the watuaga river Valle Crucis, NC, there is a lake , river for fishing, a hiking trial, a walking trial! also a wildlife viewing area and a place for bird watching. parks can be located in Boone off state farm Road and Haunting Hills at 231 Complex drive.

by: Kaylah


Help us keep pharmecutical and control-substance drugs off the streets and out of the rivers! No questions will be asked, and any prescription and over-the-counter medications and medical supplies can be turned in anonymously.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a growing concern for both environmentalists and law enforcement. Operation Medicine Cabinet is just one way to prevent unwanted or unused drugs from ending up in the hands of our teens or being dumped untreated into our rivers and streams. Pharmaceuticals are designed to have strong effects on people, but when they are released they also have strong effects on the environment.. most pharmaceuticals enter the environment through waste water treatment plants. Many people are told to flush unwanted drugs down the toilet. You should never flush pharmaceutical drugs down the toilet. Once drugs are flushed, they travel straight through the treatment plants and into rivers. Waste water treatments plants are not designed to treat pharmaceuticals, so the drugs remain in the water and are

ejected into public waterways.

by: Erica

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Saving our kids and rivers!

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Environmental concerns

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you’ll find a trek of wild fish. Year-round. Then mix it up with a float for smallmouth or a trek for wild fish. The Watauga river can put a bend in your rod and a big smile on your face! visit here today!

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By: Emma, Kaylah, Erica