After-School Jewelry Party

Come check out jewelry from Loganberry Beads & Origami Owl

Come to Ashli's classroom to mingle and/or shop!

Date: Tuesday, October 2
Time: Right after school
Location: Ashli Williams's classroom

Enjoy some snacks and do some early holiday shopping!

Loganberry Beads

Loganberry Beads is the home of handcrafted jewelry designs by Sarah Logan Duncan and the original Save the Date bracelets. Save the Date bracelets let you “save the date” forever by wearing a keepsake bracelet reflecting your special day, any day, past, present or future. Your date is displayed on the bracelet by using significant beads to represent the numbers in your date. A beautiful mixture of pearls, Swarovski crystals and beads are used in traditional birthstone colors to numerically represent the month, day and year.

To find out more, visit: -to get more information about Loganberry Beads, the jewelry and Save the Date bracelets. -to see other handcrafted jewelry items or to make a purchase. -to see albums of Save the Date bracelets. You will be able to see examples of how a pretty collection of beads can translate into a gorgeous reminder of your special day. While you’re there, “Like” the page to get updates, information and specials.

Origami Owl

Origami Owl is a new custom jewelry company that allows you to tell your story through our "living lockets" - these lockets are magnetic, so you can switch out your charms anytime as your story changes. People love creating lockets to represent their families, hobbies, sports team, special events/milestones, etc.

Check out the jewelry in two places:
Website:This is the official site where you can browse the products and place an order to be sent to your home.

Facebook page: Check out pics of lockets that customers have made here - great place to help brainstorm what you may like in your locket. (Be sure to "like" the page for future updates/specials.)

If you can't make it, but want to order...

Contact one of us and we will help you.

Loganberry Beads:
Sarah Duncan,

Origami Owl:
Chrissy Greenberg,