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Special Winter Edition

Happy New Year! The Beta Gamma Chapter hopes the holiday season was nothing less than extraordinary and delightful. It is official, the days of relaxation are over and now its back to work. Remember when holiday breaks were too long, and all, that was wanted, was to get back to campus? No, right, just kidding. Well, that is the feeling the sisters of Beta Gamma are currently experiencing. There are of new and exciting things that will be taking place this upcoming semester. However, before the new semester starts here are some highlights from the Fall 2014 semester.

Fall 2014 Semester Highlights

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On November 6, the Beta Gamma's were Initiated into the Beta Gamma Chapter. Look how lovely these ladies look in their new letters. Can you believe it, the chapter scroll count is currently at 455. Do you remember your scroll number?

From left to right (Erica Bill, Jennifer Triano, Kesley Corsaro, Evelyn Bailey, Lauren Rodriguez, Giovanna Best, Kerry Gorbos, Selena Hart, Julia Santillo, Danielle Curiale, Denise Rivera, Eliza Meeker, Michelle Foster, Samantha Brenner )

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On December 3, Order of Omega Greek Honor Society President, Megan Cody inducted

sisters Amanda Spence, Christina Legotti, and Amy Defnet (shown above).

It is All About Interaction

This semester I am trying to make the Newsletter more interactive. Along with that the chapter will be incorporating activities that encourage collegiate sisters to reach out to alumnae. There will also be several events organized throughout the semester including, but not limited to a 21 years and older girls night out. The Beta Gamma Chapter goal is to increase collegiate and alumnae relations.

Now Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, I am Sachelle Brooks and I am a part of the Alpha Psi new member class. I am a senior at FDU majoring in communication and minoring in political communication. I aspire to further my education with a Masters in Homeland Security to one-day work in the government or a political field. Since my initiation to Theta Phi Alpha in Fall 2012, I have fallen in love with the family of my sisterhood at the Beta Gamma Chapter. My big sister is Jillian Marinaro, and my little is Anna Gracie, otherwise known to me as Big Spoon and Little Spork. I have changed my major four times in college but through the help from my sisters, I have found the right career path. I like to hang out in the commuter lounge even though I am a resident, and also was a former Orientation Leader. I am currently an active member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and University Standards Board while holding several positions within Theta Phi Alpha since my initiation. The last position, I held was Marshall or Ritual chair, and now I am the newly elected Alumnae Representative.

I ran for this position because once upon of time alumnae used to scare me. It is not because alumnae are intimidating but rather because I inspire to be as inspirational and successful as the women who have come before me. As I have grown within Theta Phi Alpha, I learned that alumnae are just like the sisters I share a meal with at sister dinner and even more share the values of our sisterhood. My goal as Alumnae Representative is to help bridge the gap between collegiate sister and alumnae while severing as a liaison. While I struggle with the fact that sooner rather than later I will be an Alumna of Beta Gamma, I would like to know a strong form of communication has formed between our alumnae and current sisters. However, I find it comforting that a position that once scared me, I am now honored to have, making my experience in Theta Phi Alpha come full circle.

White Rose

Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 8pm

285 Madison Ave

Madison, NJ

Like always we are looking for Alumnae to speak at White Rose and share their story. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in this opportunity. More details are soon to follow.

Sapphire Man

Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 12am to Friday, Feb. 27th, 11:45pm

285 Madison Ave

Madison, NJ

Details will be available soon but start getting ready to support the American Heart Association and see who will be our next Sapphire Man.