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Electronic Cigarettes Ban to kids is good!!

Since I am thinking about switching to e cigarettes, I have been researching about it all over the internet. I am going through the latest studies and updates revealed in the internet. Basically, I am trying to find out the health effects of e cigarettes. But to be honest, I have not got any such valid report that proves it to be either effective or harmful. Yesterday, while I was searching for the reviews, I came through an article. In the article, I found that the Food and Drug Administration are going to regulate the battery operated devices to minors. I think the FDA is highly concerned about the health of individuals. I think it is definitely a good idea. As per the article, the American Lung Association seems to be highly concerned about users. It is because minors are made available with e cigarette flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum.

I definitely believe that the FDA should regulate it for the minors as the consumption by the minors are considered to be risky. I also consider selling of e cigarettes to kids to be a crime. I don’t want kids to start using these devices at such as early age. I would pray that minors are forbidden from using it. For others as these are not yet proved to be harmful or effective can go for the best electronic cigarette brands. Well, currently, there are no such specific rules that ban use of e cigarettes to children in some states. But I guess it will soon come into effect.

I am looking for more updates as well as browsing through the electronic cigarette reviews to get clear understanding of these devices. I am also searching for the best brands are gaining attention of users as I am thinking to buy one.