America's scar in history


From 1954-68 African Americans began to really push for their freedom in America. The government did not disagree or agree with their protest but individual states were pushing back African from their protests and did what they could for keeping large groups of African Americans away from being able to register to vote. I think if none of these protests or state push backs on the African Americans happened then it would continue to be a place where African Americans would be discriminated still to this day.

Information about the flier

  • Examples of the protest shown in pictures
  • shows that their was a big movement on discrimination in the United states
  • some brief descriptions describing the pictures

Tactics and stratigies that were used

During the beginning and end of the civil rights movement their were for most of the part plans for what was going to happen. One big tactic was getting the media involved to let the world know. this was important because it got information out to the public saying the African Americans are tired of being mistreated and turned supporters into protesters.

The second tactic that was used during the time was sit-ins. sit-ins were strategies to overwhelm the jails and prisons so that the protest were continued until they finally gave up.This strategy did not just happen overnight it took possibly weeks to finally get them to submit. This was probably one of the least effective way of overwhelming the system.

The third tactic was Grass-roots which was to get a big group of African Americans to go down to register to vote. Sometimes it was harder to get to these places to register because it was blocked off by enraged white people that didnt want African Americans to have the ability to vote. This was expected most of the time by African Americans because they knew some people didnt want them to vote. Most of the time the march came in contact with violent actions from angered Whites.

Significant Events

  • Little Rock Central High School- Governor called in national guard in to prevent African American students from entering school. Government got involved and the army got involved to transport the students around the school for protection.
  • Lunch counter Protesters- 10 men sat at a whites only table in Rock. They were arrested and nine got sentenced to 30 days of labor.
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church- 4 little African Americans kids were killed. Reason was out of the angry from white people.
  • Jackie Robinson joins the Brooklyn Dodgers- First African American to join major league baseball. Many teams did not want to play against this team because they didnt want a bad reputation.
  • Selma to Montgomery march- MLK leads a 54 mile march to support black voter registration. President Johnson addresses the nation to support the march.

Two important groups

Black Panthers- An African American lead group who takes violent actions instead of peaceful. they believed that peaceful protest would not help the movement. Formed in Oakland, California in 1966.

Ku Klux Klan- An All white clan. They believed that African Americans should have no rights what so ever and wanted an all white country. they started in the south and have been around many years before the civil rights movement began. The members were mostly known for wearing their suits causing many African Americans to flee their homes.

By: Gavin Bradford