Valley Street Jail

Come Stay Awhile! But not longer than a year…


The Valley Street Jail houses citizens in the Manchester area who have been arrested for crimes ranging from petty theft to murder. Because it is a jail, it only keeps inmates whose sentences are served over a year or less. Larger state prisons receive transfers from jails of criminals serving longer sentences. It offers a controlled environment away from society where criminals can serve their debts. People go through daily routines and are able to live relatively normally within the facility.
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Life of an Inmate

There are three levels of offenders in the jail. Inmates dress in blue uniforms are very low level offenders who have been approved to work release programs outside of the building. They work unsupervised in the yard or are able to leave the premiss to go to a job in order to continue earning money throughout their day. They are permitted to leave at a certain time in the morning and expected back by a curfew after their shift ends. They are allowed many freedoms around the jail and typically do not serve very long sentences.

Inmates in tan uniform are also very low level offenders. They are permitted to walk freely around the halls of the jail and are assigned tasks such as laundry duty or other cleaning details. They are allowed many commissary privileges and freedoms inside the jail.

Inmates in orange uniforms are high security prisoners. They must be escorted by a guard around the jail and are extremely limited in their freedoms.

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Little Did You Know…

The life of an inmate is fairly liberal. They are allowed commissary, or money they can spend on treats within the prison. It can be input by their family members or earned during their day job. If an inmate has any commissary at all, they must first spend it on necessary living items before they can use it for other things. They must buy a tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, etc. and if they have any money left over, they can order things like candy bars, coffee, and other novelty items. Trading is not allowed under any circumstances.

In Addition…

The Valley Street Jail has housed criminals of all offenses. Although they only keep inmates whose sentences are less than a year, they have brought in and held criminals of every kind before their hearings. Many high profile gang affiliates have passed through over years as evidenced by markings scratched into the walls and floor.