Mesopotamian Innovations

By: Preston Melvin


Mesopotamia created many innovations that influenced us today. Without the creation of these innovations the world now could look different from how it looks now. For example, the wheel. If it did not get made by the Mesopotamians so long ago it would be created later on. Causing it to be less evolved now.

What The Mesopotamians Used Their Innovations For

The Mesopotamians used there innovations to solve many problems. They made wheels for transportation, Mathematics for keeping track of days,currency for trading, and measurement systems along with many more innovations. A very large amount of problems they had in their daily life they were able to fix through these innovations

The Evolution of The Wheel.


Transportation innovations that Mesopotamia created were very advanced at the time there were made. For example Mesopotamia created two types of boats, the coracle and the sailboat. The coracle was used for transporting goods up and down the Euphrates and Tigris River. It was shaped like a bowl and used paddles to row. The sailboat we still used today. An example of the Mesopotamian sailboat (which is known as a gulf boat) is in the picture. They used these boats for transporting goods such as grain from Southern Mesopotamia to the gulf. Boats were used to transport larger items while valuable items such as gems and pottery were transported by donkey, carts, and by foot.

The Legacy

The legacy created by Mesopotamia vastly spread all over the western civilizations very quickly. It influenced them to make writing, art, and many more creative ideas. One very good example is Egypt. They traded with Mesopotamia and got influenced to create their own writing system and pottery. Other civilizations traded with Mesopotamia too. These ideas soon started a chain reaction everywhere in western civilization. Overtime these innovations matured and others got ideas to work on them and make them their own and make them even better. It didn't just spread to The other western civilizations, it spread to North America too. This legacy left behind by Mesopotamia is still being used and was not something that we forgot.

The Driving Question: What Legacy Helped Us The Most?

Mesopotamia created a load of ideas that helped create this world that is here today. My personal opinion is that the innovations they created are the most important. This is because without it we would most likely not have math or even the wheel. Eventually we would have them but like I said they would be less evolved now. Laws and Cuneiform are important but we don't use Cuneiform now and use a completely different languages and laws really would not be that much different. Mesopotamia made so many innovations that it would be easier to get a less evolved version of laws and writing then transportation, architecture, the formation of entire city's and many more innovations.


In total the influence left behind by Mesopotamia was immense. Personally I think that the innovations they made were the most important but with out the other ideas lots of what we have would not be here today. It is surprising how much just one single civilization created all on their own

How Mesopotamian Innovations Changed Throughout Time

Mesopotamian Innovations started a lot of bright ideas. They made currency that was made of silver coins called shekels and minas. Currency now is not very different. We still use coins, but primarily we trade money digitally through credit and debit cards. They made a number system based on the number 60. That same system is still used today to track time. A large amount of math innovations that they invented are used today, they said that there would be 360 degrees in a circle. We still say the same thing. Almost all of the innovations they made are used today, just in a more advanced form.


Mesopotamia left a great influence on us. With out it much of what we have today would not be here if it were not for them. It is surprising how much one civilization can create all on their own. We had a legacy that was left for us, they created all of this on their own.