Neville long bottom

Hi I'm Neville Hogwarts was hard for me because nobody talk to me until I found some friends in hog warts I like this school because there are many great people in this school

Hagrid keeper of keys

Hi I'm hagrid keeper of keys I live right next to the FORBIDDEN FOREST the kids at Hogwarts are interesting and kind this is a great school for young wizards but NOT MUGGLES!!!

quidditch pitch

In the quidditch pitch it is big and Wooden with slytherin,rave claw,hufflepuff and grifindor flags all over the place to support the houses there are also towers for all the house member and head.

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Great hall

The great hall is big and enchanted with magic for example the celling it is like there is no celling. There are big tables for all the house members also there is also tables for the teachers

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Snape potions

In snapes class you would learn potion there is no wands involved in this class just the beauty of potions. About professor snape he is mean although he may seem like a mean person and dark and cold hearted in the in side he is nice but BE CAREFUL

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McGonagall transfiguration

In mcgonagalls class you would learn transfiguration it is really fun just don't get fooled that McGonagall is not there because she is there

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