Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume V - May 24, 2013

We're Still Going Strong!

We have had the chance to speak with lots of you this week. Even though the year is coming to an end, that has not slowed any of you down! Thanks to all of you for being such Techy Teachers!

eBeam! Featuring: Mrs. Sarah Wagner

Mrs. Wagner's 2nd grade class at Parmley Elementary has been enjoying their eBeam. Every 2nd grade teacher at Parmley was awarded an eBeam after applying for and receiving a grant from the WISD Education Foundation. The eBeam allows any flat surface to become interactive. Mrs. Wagner's students have used it to practice their handwriting and also to show their work. They recently used it to complete a vocabulary assignment. This technology allows the students to be interactive while completing their work.

Chromebooks! Featuring: Ms. Ann Baker

This week at Lynn Lucas, the 6th grade Social Studies students have been working on a project. Ms. Baker asked each student to use a Chromebook to create a Google Presentation for her future classes to view. The Presentation focuses on what they have learned in Social Studies this year. To view an example click on the following link:

Tablets, Google Docs and QR Codes! Featuring: Mrs. Beverly Cruz

Mrs. Cruz's fourth grade students at Cannan Elementary have been hard at work on a PBL project to begin the creation of an outdoor learning classroom. Students worked in teams to design and draw to scale an entryway to the outdoor classroom. Eighteen designs were submitted by students and voted on using Google Docs, QR Codes, and our tablets. The students narrowed the choices to five, then down to two. The students are voting on their favorite design to be built in the 2013-2014 school year. They will also be voting on names created by the fourth graders for their outdoor classroom using these same technology tools. The students are very excited to be integrating this technology into everyday classroom activities.

Tablets! Featuring: Ms. Linda Carter

This year several of our Elementary teachers have had the opportunity to earn tablets for their classrooms through our Technology for Digital Teachers (TDT) program. We asked each of the Elementary Librarians to also purchase tablets for check out use if they did not already have some. The librarians were able to purchase at least 5 devices to help enhance learning. Ms. Carter, the librarian at A.R. Turner, went above and beyond and purchased 20! She has embraced using them and has encouraged her teachers to check them out. She has downloaded apps, made shortcuts and even set up her own method of storing and charging the tablets. We would like to say thanks to all the librarians for embracing the tablets and a huge thanks to Ms. Carter for going above and beyond!

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