Public School Uniforms!?

By Kelsey Fuqua

Boring, uncomfortable, and completely unnecessary. That's what I think about uniforms for public schools. Uniforms are terrible for all of the following reasons: They can make certain girls uncomfortable and that can be distracting, Uniforms limit creative and expressive ability, and finally because buying uniforms can be expensive especially for families with less money and more than 1 child.
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My opening reason why schools, specifically public, should not make their students wear uniforms is that they can make some girls feel uncomfortable and that can be distracting. What about those girls who are bothered and distracted by skirts. I also know boys who wear shorts every day! They would NOT want to wear pants in the Winter and would most likely be distracted by the fact that they could not wear shorts. Child and teen development specialist Robyn Silverman says "As a body image expert' I hear from students all the time that feel it allows for a lot of comparison. So if you have a body that's a plus sized body, a curvier body, a very tall body, or a very short body, those girls often feel that they don't look their best. And that can be detrimental to learning." What does Ms.Silverman mean by "it"? What she means is wearing uniforms. This shows that uniforms are NOT always the answer.
Another reason why public schools should not make their students wear uniforms is because the totally eliminate creative and expressive ability in children. Wile some people say that some t shirts are a little too creative, I think that creativity is best for everyone. Teachers and students. The creativity in the outfits and clothes of my classmates is always extreme and I know many people would love to keep it that way in schools. Without creativity, we would be bored and being bored can cause students to pay less attention to their teachers and more attention to that wall across the classroom from them! And besides, uniforms are the evil twin sister of creativity.
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My last and, in my opinion, most important is that it gets expensive buying clothes and uniforms, especially in a home with more than 1 child. Just think about it. If you were buying clothes for 2 or 3 kids, you would buy, maybe 5 uniforms that cost $30 each. And then you have to buy 7 outfits for $20 each. 30 x 5 = $150 and 20 x 7 = 140. 140+150=290. 290 X 2= $580! That's quite a bit of money for uniforms! Now think logically. If some families barely have enough money to buy clothes, than they certainly don't need the extra expense of 4 or 5 uniforms! I know my grandma wouldn't want to spend any more money on my clothes. She spends enough money on my clothes now!

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Some people say that uniforms are always the answer at school but I disagree with that because uniforms can make some girls feel uncomfortable, hey limit creative and expressive ability, and finally because uniforms can get pretty expensive to buy.