Terry Fox: the courageous man.

Courage is to do something that frigtens you. Terry Fox is a good example of courage.Terry fox was eighteen years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg. When he realized that he would lose his leg he thought to do something to help other cancer victims. He had a dream that he would run across Canada to raise money for the cancer research. He never gave up.He would run 42 kilometres through Canada's Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario with his prosthetic leg, what a soul! His parents, doctors and friends were very worried about him, Terry kept running. He said , "I won't give up". People fell in love with Terry due to his courage.
In dangerous and panic situation like this everyone fears for their own safety. Its hard to help others because it may be dangerous and risky.But this man set aside all his fears and hesitation and tried to help the girl.He took courage and saved a her, which afterwards he realized that it was his daughter. If he wouldn't have courage he might have not saved his daughter. Its also about helping others. When you help yourself that is not something unusual but when you help others you rise.
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Girl Takes a Terrible Fall During a Race - But Wait Til You See What Happens Next!

Bravery and Courage

This video is about a 2008 Big 10 Championship Race in which a girl named Dorniden is about to race after years of training.She falls down during the race but rises again and won the race. This race is like life. When you give up then you lose but when you get up you rise. You have to keep going or you will be left behind.