All About Snakes

Jacob Lysiuk

All About Snakes

snakes eat deer.snakes eat mice and rats and other small animals.snakes if there scared
they will attack sometimes eat it too. mostly snakes have senses that will hit the animal and
the senses will bounce back.and the snake will know were the animal is.even eat bugs and
insects.sometimes if snakes are in the trees sometimes snakes can catch birds.If they're
camoflouce they can catch big food.Big snakes eat big food small snakes eat smaller food.
they eat frogs and lizards

Were Are We Going Snakes Lands

snakes live in different parts of the world. some snakes live in the desert like a rattle snake.

snakes even live on the beach in north Carolina.they have some poisonous

snakes.snakes live in deep and dark and large caves.some snakes are pets. cobras live in

china. snakes live in islands .snakes live in rain forest high in the trees.even in Africa.

Snakes Insides And Bones

the teeth hold the venom.the venom is dangerous to people it can make thum sick or you

can die from it.the scales shred if the skin is damaged by something.when the snake gets

ready to shred the snakes eyes trne the snakes eyes don't fall off.snakes don't have

lags they slither like a worm.the teeth are where the venom is.they leve there venom in

there teeth until it's ready to bite.the tung hart and lungs help the snake taste stay alive

and to breathe.

venomous snakes and not

the way you know about venomous snakes or not.the venomous snakes have diamond

shaped eyes .the ones that are not they have circle eyes.the water moccasin is not a

venomous snake because it doesn't have teeth.gardener snakes aren't a venomous snake

trust me i've seen a gardener snake before.cobra is venomous.gardener snake is not a

venomous snake.rattle snake is venomous.

Snakes Foot Ball Eyes

you know why i picked this title snakes eyes look like a foot ball.snakes eyes can be many

different colors they can be green yelow brown purple and black white or blue.they can be

different colors like the rainbow.but not pink probably red.

Different Secrets Of A Snake

you know what?some snakes can dance like a rattle know what?some snakes can dig under ground.the boa constrickiter can even open his mouth so wide that it can eat

a deer.a rattle snake has a tall that can rattle.that mens you need to back off. cobrus have

a hood that opens up when it's scared.