A Christmas Carol

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The play A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens starts off by a grump, old man named Scrooge hating Christmas. Towards the end of the story, he warms up and turns into a nicer man. Scrooge realized he should be nicer when different ghosts from his future, past, and present teach him a lesson. For example the Ghost of Christmas Past went back to Scrooge's past and re-lived all of his bad and some good memories. It also included many special effects that made the play more dramatic and it also had props that moved on its own. An example of how the props were a big part of the play is that it makes you understand the play and the plot better. It made the image in my head come to life. In conclusion I recommend this book to anyone that wants to read about a story of a man that makes himself a better person and realize the good in Christmas and giving back.


Scrooge had to sacrifice some things to be the nice man he is now. A sacrifice he had to make was to give up his money to the poor at the end of a story. A similar sacrifice I made when I was a toddler was that I gave up my pacifier because I knew that it would be harder to do it when I was older.