Pre K weekly update

Planting, Young Y and map skills

What's up in Pre K this week ...

Hi Pre K parents. Your children had a busy and fun week. We had a rocking good time at the St. Patty's day dance thanks to PAC and our GREAT principals. The leprechaun left us some yummy treats and did not mess up our room. We met Young Y. We practiced handwritings in our journals, on our own and in our phonics books. We practiced inventive spelling techniques too. We brainstormed and listed 20 "Y" words. We read and spelled sight words with magnet letters. We read letter buddy books and leveled readers to our teacher. In math, we practiced number recognition, number writings and simple addition. In Science, we planted seeds and reviewed needs and parts of the plant. In Social Studies, we watched Brainpop Jr, took a quiz, read There is a Map on my lap, and practiced map skills in our classroom. Thanks for a wonderful week!!!

Spring is Here!!!! Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!

What's in store for next week ....

We will meet Kind K. We will practice handwritings and number writings. We will practice addition and subtraction with KIX bingo. We will practice real kicks and graph distances. We will play soccer and learn the rules too. We will continue to practice reading in our reading groups, in circle time, and 1 to 1 with our teacher. We will log in our class plant journal any observations. Thanks for ALL you do. Please ask if you have questions. Have a happy, safe and warm weekend!!!