Belair PLC Team Meeting

Tuesday, February 2 - 8:10 AM (Walk's Room)

The worst American Idol audition in history

Do We Think We Are Better Than We Are?

Now this video is pretty extreme, but do we get caught up in our day to day work and think we are doing a better job than what we COULD be doing? If you notice at the end of the video, he does not think it was about his singing, he blamed it on not picking the right song. Do we let excuses get in the way of our work? Do we put the blame elsewhere? What is keeping us from moving forward in our PLC work? It is not that we are "bad", but I feel it is time we own what is not going well and what we need to do to truly discover what we need to work on to move us.

How Do We Create a Stronger Sense of an Exemplary Professional Learning Community at #701?

Agenda for Meeting

I really want to walk away from the table with some solid ideas and plans of how to move toward an exemplary Professional Learning Community at #701. I feel like even though we are in "Year 4" - we are still on the surface of so many areas of PLC. I don't want to be a school that is "doing PLC". I want it to become embedded - I want to go deep with our work. At the Powerful Learning Conference, schools that were recognized and seeing the greatest gains were truly a PLC. I think in order to do what is best for ALL kids, we are going to have to ALL OWN it.

1. March 4 Professional Development Full Day Plan - Seven Strategies for AFL presentation/participation (Melissa, Lisa S., and Emily leading conversation BUT all staff participating within in strategies they feel really confident); Data Cycle/Collaborative Scoring Rubric work; Rigor/Relevance work; other ideas

2. Review results of Critical Focuses for Collaborative Teams. If you have not completed and discussed this reflective piece with your team, please do so before Tuesday. It was given out at our November meeting and can be found in your PLC notebook.

3. How do we make staff members feel like they have opportunities to lead and/or be seen as a leader in our building? This is always an area that scores low for me on surveys. I need your help/ideas to improve this for staff.

4. Begin looking at how to become an exemplary PLC school and review the PLC implementation rubric. What is our current status and how do we move forward?

5. Other and next agenda