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January 11, 2022

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Join the Reading Challenge!

by Logan Korth

Fill out how many minutes you read for each day of this week and we will give a shout out to who read the most in a future Dryden Red and Black post. There may even be a prize!

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Help Wanted

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Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

The Dryden Junior Varsity team lost to Oakland Christian on January 7 by a score of 29-18.

Varsity Girls Basketball

by Ava DeVlaminck

This past week, the Varsity basketball team played on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, they played Genessee. This game was very close and the team is sure to beat them next time. The overall score was 43-33 Genessee. Jessica Peters had 22 points, Olivia Stickler had 2 points, Rilynn Linsday had 2 points, Keira Miller had 3 points, and Lola Abromaitis had 4 points.

Congrats to the team and get them next time! The girls also played at Oakland Christian on Friday. Unfortunately, they lost 63-13. Jessica Peters had 3 points. Olivia Stickler had 3 points. Rilynn Linsday had 5 points. Ava DeVlaminck had 2 points. Congrats ladies!

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

by Penelope Spencer

On Thursday, January 6th, the Junior Varsity Boys Basketball won against Genesee. It was a close game with a score of 44-43. The leading scorers were David Insley, 17 points; Jacob Buffo, 8 points; Owen Gall, 8 points; and Joey Delmotte, 8 points. Good job boys, keep up the good work!

Varsity Boys Basketball

by Nick Abromaitis

On Tuesday, January 4th, the Dryden Cardinals played at Brown City. We ended up losing that game. Let’s look at the stats for that contest.

Jacob Burgess had 16 points, Merrick Maris had 11 points, Dylan Ledford had 7 points, Zack Lemke had 3 points, and Sonny Coscione had one point.

Coach DelCampo had postgame words. Those words were, “We played very well at times. We schedule nonleague games against schools like Brown City. We like to play good teams that are well-coached. This should really help when we start league play.” The final score of the game was Brown City 63, Dryden 38. The boy’s next game was against Genesse.

On Friday, January 7th, the Cardinals played at home against Genesse. Dryden ended up winning that game. Let’s look at the points the Cardinals put up in the game.

Jacob Burgess had 29 points, Merrick Maris had 16 points, Dylan Ledford had 14 points, Zack Lemke had 6 points, and Ethan Knuth had 2 points.

After the game, the coach said, “It was a good win for us since it was the first league game and Genesee is very talented. We got a little sloppy at the end but we did a lot of good things.” The final score of the game was Dryden 67, Genesse 57.

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Who's Hungry?

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Need Someone to Talk to?

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Senior Seminar Speaker

Special thanks to Dryden Junior/Senior High School Alumni

Paige Abromaitis (Ferris State University), Kylie DeVlaminck (Oakland University),

Ella Kage (Grand Valley State University), Sydney Hempstead (University of Michigan Flint),

Jack Kaplan (Michigan State University), Teagan Norman (Lansing Community College),

and Teagan O'Bryan (Northwood University)

who visited virtually to share their college experiences with the Senior Seminar Class.

DHS Alumni

by Ashley Hickmott

The Dryden saying is “Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal”, and that reigns true especially to these Dryden students who took the time out of the days to come and talk to us seniors to give us all their college freshman advice. Seeing these familiar faces tell us that everything is going to be okay in college and to not stress as much as some of us were was really comforting.

Going from a small school, such as Dryden, the idea of going to a college or university might be a little scary because the whole environment will be different. We won't have the same small town everyone knows everyone vibes so it can be unsettling but these alumni helped us get a clearer picture of what to expect. Jack Kaplan gave the advice to make personal relationships with your professors, even if it's just one of them. This can be very helpful as the professor can write recommendation letters for you in the future or throughout the year, they can help with work and give you opportunities that you might not have had before. Ella Kage gave us a little story about roommates in college. Many people think you have to be besties with your roommates because you live together, but that's not true. If you feel like you and your roommate don't match vibes very well, you can respect each other without being close friends. Another piece of advice backpacking off Ella's roommate is to make sure you voice your opinion and concerns with your roommate. If you are trying to study and they are on their bed on facetime talking loudly to their friend, it's not rude or inconsiderate to ask them to quiet down or go somewhere else, it's all about communication.

These are just some of the amazing tidbits that these alumni gave to us, but their words are definitely going to stick in my head, and I’m sure in many others' heads. It helped put any college fears to rest and I would like to thank the Alumni, they did such a great job at speaking and getting points across to us.


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 11

Homework Club - HS Library - 2:30-4:00 pm

JV/Varsity Boys Basketball @ Bentley - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, JV boys @ 5:00 pm, Varsity boys @ 6:30 pm

Wednesday, January 12


1/2 Day - Exams - High School

Bowling vs Capac BOYS only @ Holly Meadows - Holly Meadows Golf Course, Mussey, MI

7/8 Boys Basketball @ Deckerville - Bus departs @ 4:00 pm, 7th grade boys @ 6:00 pm, 8th grade boys @ 7:00 pm

Thursday, January 13

NJHS Meeting - 7:00 am - Room 331

1/2 Day - Exams - High School

Homework Club - 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM - HS Library

Bowling GIRLS only vs Landmark @ Hideaway Lanes - @ 4:00 pm - Almont Hideaway Lanes

JV/Varsity Girls Basketball @ Mayville - Bus departs @ 4:45 pm, JV girls @ 6:00 pm, Varsity girls @ 7:30 pm

Varsity Baseball Winter Weight Training - High School Weight Room @ 6:00 pm

Friday, January 14

1/2 Day - Exams - High School

JV/Varsity Boys Basketball @ Mayville - Bus departs @ 4:45 pm, JV boys @ 6:00 pm, Varsity boys @ 7:30 pm

Varsity Girls Basketball vs Algonac (Varsity ONLY) - game @ 6:00 pm

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Riddle of the Week

Every week a different riddle will be posted in the paper for you to solve. When you think you have the correct answer, submit it to us using the feedback doc at the bottom of that week's issue, along with your name. The first person to submit the correct answer will be given a shoutout in the following week's issue. The answer to the previous riddle and the shoutout can be found under each week's new riddle.

by Penelope Spencer

This week's riddle:

The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it?

Last week's riddle:

What cannot talk but will reply when spoken to?

Answer: An echo

Winner: Cheyenne Sabo

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Joke of the Week

by Audrey Napolitano

What do you call a belt made of watches?

A waist of time.

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The Team

Ava DeVlaminck - Editor

Nick Abromaitis - Reporter

Raghan DeLong - Reporter

Lily Finnigan - Reporter

Logan Korth - Reporter

Audrey Napolitano - Reporter

Ariela Perales - Reporter

Penelope Spencer - Reporter


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