Classroom News

By: Danielle Del Buono/December 8-12

What Happened This Week?

ELA- We have officially learned 4 out of the 5 long vowel sounds! This week we learned the long u sound does not just say its own name. Sometimes it says "ew" (the smelly sound) as in tune or June. We need to remember if it doesn't make sense with the "u" saying its own name, we should try sounding it out with the smelly sound to blend the word. Your children are enjoying this very much. We also learned about the -ed ending and how it tells us the action happened in the past! We had many fun activities like scavenger hunts and word sorts to solidify both skills.

Math- This week we started to learn how to answer two part word problems. This is a difficult concept to grasp but after repetition and practice, your children understood the skill. I am also giving your students a chance to read the word problems and answer them all by themselves, and YES, they are getting the correct answers! This is super exciting and it shows your students are growing.

Social Science- We learned about different holidays and traditions. We talked about Hanaukka, Kwanza, and Christmas and how we celebrate each. I loved hearing all the children's holiday stories, they had so much to say about their experiences with each holiday!

Up Coming Events

December 23- Christmas party! (Bring in a wrapped book for Pollyanna)

Highlights from the Week

Help the Ronald McDonald House

Students made posters for our service learning project to remind themselves and families to bring in can tabs for families in the Ronald McDonald House.
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Mystery Reader

We had three clues to figure out who our mystery reader was. Mr. Earle came in and surprised us all! Thanks Mr. Earle!
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Chip Chip picks the best hiding places!

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Thank you!

This concludes my last week of teaching full time at BCS. Thank you so much for all your support! Your kids have taught me more than I could of ever imagined. I could not of asked for a better experience. They are so sweet, respectful, and have made these past 4 months an absolute joy. They will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Thank you again and enjoy your holidays!
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