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hydropower is a easy way to generate electricity because you can pretty much find it anywhere. Some advantages are does not pollute the air or water and it is a low cost to install and its renewable. Some disadvantages are it can damage wild life habitats and droughts can affect production

Renewable and Nonrenewable

  1. Renewable: any resource such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and hydropower are all examples of renewable resources because they all take a short time to make .
  2. nonrenewable: petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and propane are all examples of nonrenewable resources because the all take from a million to a billion years to make.

disadvantages and advantages of renewable energy:

Advantages-its easy to make, less maintenance, less waste, never runs out.

Disadvantages- very large cost, relies on weather.

disadvantages and advantages of nonrenewable energy:

Advantages-makes a lot of electricity.

disadvantages-hard to make, pollutes the air, take a billion years to create.

5 Ways 2 Conserve Resources & Energy

1. Use paper when it's needed for school work.

2. Turn off the light when the class leave to do something.

3. Only use enough paper towels to dry your hands and that is it.

4. Use your phone when needed cause a lot of kids charge their phone here at school when it dies from playing it too much.

5. Stop breaking pencils on purpose then throw them away.

The Best Energy Source

The best energy resource we think you should use is Hydropower because Solar Power equipment only catches 20-30% of sun light that hits it. We think Biomass isn't good because you have to touch body waste from animals and/or have to touch dead plants and animals but things don't die everywhere, everyday. Geothermal isn't a good energy resource cause it is hard to find certain spots with high heat and it is very dangerous to equip. Last but not least Wind Energy isn't good to use because wind doesn't blow all the time and if it blows too hard it might break the equipment.