Stage 2

The Tomorrow Book - Year 3

Written by Jackie French and illustrated by Sue deGennaro
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The Windy Farm- Year 4

Written by Doug MacLeod and illustrated by Craig Smith
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* Write a story or poem about your hopes and dreams for the future.

* Create a collage representing your vision for a better world using recycled materials.

* Redesign a piece of clothing from home. Use materials that have been used before.

* Invent a machine that will improve life in the future. Draw and label your invention.

* Draw a comic to show others how to conserve electricity or other forms of power they

can use.

* Plan the house and power system you hope to have as an adult. Remember to make it

suitable for the climate.

* Recycle old objects and/or materials to create something new.

* Project on energy.

Water Resources

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Power Resources

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Energy 101: Solar Power
Energy 101: Wind Power

Saving Energy

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Recycling Resources

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Invention resources

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Top 10 Inventions Thought Up By Kids