Gattis Gossip

Volume 7, Issue 36------------------------------June 1, 2015

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Upcoming Week At Gattis...


  • 8:00 ARD
  • 8:00 - 9:00 Last Minute Textbook Turn In
  • 8:55 ARD
  • 9:50 ARD
  • 11:55 ARD
  • 12:50 ARD
  • 1:45 ARD
  • 3:00 ARD
  • 3:00 - LaWanda off campus for SS event


  • 8:00 ARD
  • 8:00 - 9:50 5th grade LPACS
  • 10:00 - 11:15 4th grade LPACs
  • 11:15 -12: 50 3rd grade LPACS
  • 1:00 4th Grade Talent Show for PK-2
  • Kickball - Teachers vs. 5th grade students
  • 1:00 4th Grade Talent Show for 3-5
  • 1:45 Brief ARD
  • 3:05 Faculty Meeting
  • 8:30 5th Grade Promotion
  • 12:50 504
  • EOY parties


  • Last Day of 2014-2015 for Students
  • Friday Morning Assembly
  • Grade level rotations/plans

Coming up soon!

  • June 8 Last Day of School for teachers
  • June 16 Last Day office is open until July
  • Aug 12, 13, 14 PBL Training ALL Gattis Teachers!
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We're celebrating YOU!!

This week we included ALL birthdays coming up before we come back together in August so you'll know who to celebrate all summer long!

June 1 Lindsay Henderson

June 2 Katie Kasper

June 8 Mallory Johnson

June 19 Catherine Looney

June 28 Erika Bean

July 2 Gabriela Renteria

July 3 Mary Bauman

July 8 Lisa Dawson

July 15 Ileana Negron

July 16 Mary Graf

July 18 Jane Price

July 22 Laura Duckworth

July 23 Michelle Naranjo

July 31 Lisa Miller

Aug. 7 Stephanie Held

Aug. 11 Ann Fendesack

Summer Book Study with MaryBeth

Conferring with Readers - is a highly recommended PD for all reading teachers. Unfortunately the July 27 sessions are full with 11 on wait list.

MaryBeth has so generously offered to do a summer book study of the book on which the PD is based. The group would meet 3x over 3 weeks for an hour at Corner Bakery. With the reading and the last "session" in coaching center you would earn 6 hours ecampus credit. Please email MaryBeth if you are interested.

Another highly recommended session is Teaching Reading in Small Groups - 7 openings 4846.29392 July 29 and 30.

Regardless of how long or how effectively you have been teaching reading, you will be able to take nuggets away from these trainings. Invest in yourself this summer while you have time to reflect on your learning! : )

New Social Studies Materials

According to Tina Melcher the new SS adoption will not be accessible until August. In the meantime here is information that may be helpful to you for summer planning. The new adoption has many materials and resources available!

Contact Tina Melcher for more info at: X 5632

Training Information:

Demo site:

Plan Ahead for Summer PD

As you think about what Technology you want to learn this summer at Summer PD July 27th - Aug. 6th. Here is a list of the Technology Lessons offered organized by Pathways.

ITS Session Pathways

To see all courses offered, go to: Session Catalog. Be sure to register on Ecampus.

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Be Prepared!! - Review Emergency Protocols

This is the time of year that severe weather tends to occur in our area.

Be sure to review emergency protocols with your team to be prepared for any drills or actual crises. Make sure that materials are highly visible and easily accessible to substitutes. Team members should be aware of any substitutes present and make sure to provide support in case emergency protocols are needed for any reason.