Character Texturing & Rendering

By Monty Martin

Base Mesh Renders

Character Turnaround Final Render

Character TurnAround
I chose to present my character in this way so that the viewer would be able to really see the textures. Originally i wanted to go for a darker lighting but i realized it would be to difficult to see the textures. i wanted to go for a more scary approach with the character.

Colour Pallet

Big image
Reason as to why i chose for darker colors was i wanted to have a more scary character because the model in my eyes instills more fear. i went with a darker green because i was thinking of either going with a dark green or dark brown for skin color of the scales. i chose a more darker red for his gums and a silver white for the teeth color.

Lighting Examples

Texture Examples


The challenges i faced was when i took the model over to substance painter i ran into plenty of issues that discouraged me from using it so i ended up texturing it instead. another issues ran into was matching up the textures with the skins. i think if i had went into the model itself and added more faces the edges would of came out more soft the hard edges. A small issues i had run into was trying to get the right lighting when rendering out in hardware. i had a great dark lighting that showed the key parts of my character such as teeth but it came out extremely dark and was unable to see the textures. I know now for next time to brighten up the back lights for stronger shadows for next time. if i had a chance to do this again i would add more soft lighting so my shadows come out more darker next time.