TOAST Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 11th, 2016-January 15th, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! After our first official week back after the holiday break, I sit here and reflect on how important each and everyone of you are to Team TOAST and how happy I am to walk into the 2016 with ALL our staff back. Thank you to you all for all that you do everyday to ensure our scholars and colleagues have a successful year. At times we underestimate just how powerful a simple gesture, smile, or helping hand can be. I am excited to see this continue as we move into the second half of the school year! Have a great week everyone. Keep Smiling!

Building Subs at TOAST! By Jan. 22nd, TOAST will have our 2nd building sub start! Once BOE approved, we will have more information.

NWEA Testing Begins Jan. 11th, 2016 and Ends Jan. 29th, 2016 for ELA and Math

Just a reminder that NWEA testing for the winter benchmark begins Monday, Jan. 11th, 2016. A schedule for everyone was sent out before the holiday break. I have attached updated copies for you all. Please note, the Library and Computer Lab are used during this time to administer the benchmark.

**All Computer and Library will use a Push-In Model During the Testing Cycle.**

PTA Meeting

Monday, Jan. 11th, 6:30-7:30pm

Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science & Technology, Albany, NY, United States

Albany, NY

Hello for the TOAST PBIS Team:

The PBIS team has decided there will be a celebration offered to scholars during the weeks of February 1st and 8th. There will be a sign up sheet in the office for you to sign your class up during a time slot during those 2 weeks. During your class time, you will bring your class to that activity. If you have any scholars who have 1 or more VADIR from January 11th - the time of your sign up, they will be unable to participate. You will then bring that/those scholar(s) to your classroom and have a conversation and re-teach about why they are not participating in the celebration.

Reminder: PAL Basketball and Cheer Squad Games Begin The Week of 1/11/16. See attached schedule. Scholars, families and our staff coaches love when you can come out!

Affirmation Boards Are Up!

Just a reminder that the first completed board for exemplars of scholar work showing mastery of specific curriculum skill sets are due by the Jan. 26th for an official unveiling. I will be working to cover the boards with a backdrop by next week. If your grade level has their exemplars before then, you may post them to up and let the affirmations begin.

This month we are focusing on the following CCLS for ELA:

R.I. (Reading for Information)

What does reading for information look like at each grade level?

**Each grade level will provide at least 3 examples that they have used for scholar mastery of this skill set and it will be showcased for other colleagues, parents, community members, etc. An envelope for affirmations will be positioned by each board. ( There will be separate ones for scholars at the primary grade levels that have sentence starters to support their affirmation posting)

Why are we doing this?

You all work very hard to make sure our scholars understand the content and material that the district provides as well as meeting the success criteria of the CCLS. This will allow you to share best practices with not only your grade level team, but the entire TOAST community as well as district colleagues. This also becomes another form of vertical teaming from within and allows you another opportunity to collaborate with each other. This is another platform to shine!

Where are the boards and which grade levels share a board?

All boards are located in the second level hallway between Mr. Horne's desk and the focus room

Shared boards: prek-k, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6

I am looking forward to seeing your exemplars to support each other, scholars and our families

All About TOASTer's Board Transforms

This month we will transform our "All About TOASTer's" board to shift from staff to scholars. Mrs. Reynolds has provided me with an "All About Me" sheet for you. The plan is that each class select 1 scholar a month that exhibits the attributes of a TOAST scholar and PBIS expectations. Special Area Teachers and Support Staff will select 1 scholar from each grade level that they feel showcase the TOAST scholar attributes and PBIS expectations. Please look for the "All About Me" form within your mailboxes. If you have selected a scholar that you are unsure if a photo can be taken, please inform the office and we will double check for you or make the phone call home to obtain permission.

First Round of Scholars to showcase are due no later than Jan. 14th, 2016 so they can begin to be displayed by Friday, Jan. 15th, 2016.

Thank you for your time on this matter so we can allow our scholars who are on point have their time to shine!!!

Help Needed: TOAST Step Team and Soccer Club

The following scholar-led proposals have been handed into me:

TOAST Step Team (proposal submitted by a team of 4th grade scholars)

Soccer Club (proposal submitted by 6th grade scholars)

If you are interested in being the supervising adult for one of these scholar-led proposals, please see me and I can direct you to the scholar liaisons for their proposals.

TOAST's First Gospel Choir to begin after schools! Thank you to Mrs. Kardas and Mrs. Forte for leading this club. We have many scholars excited to begin! When I have more information on a specific start date, I will share with you all.

Looking at Stem through Hip-Hop.

I wanted to end this week and remind everyone that our school SCEP has funds that are set aside to train 4 teachers to become officially STEM certified. The overall goal is that each year we add 4 more STEM certified and trained teachers to TOAST. If you are interested in learning more about this and being part of our first cohort, please see me. ( I will be taking the certification program as well I am very excited about it!)

This video below not only taps into the importance of STEM to the future of our scholars, but the heart of the message is making the material relevant and relating it to the culture of the scholars that sit before you. (Lovingly named Generation Z) By no means am I suggesting that TOAST teachers begin taking rapping lessons, but taking the time to slow it down and tailor the expected learning outcomes through multiple ways to show mastery is really what teaching is all about. ( I would love to sit down with some of you and create some raps though! It would be a great time and we can use it for our upcoming Talent show..:-)..)

Teaching STEM With HipHop: STEM to STEAM

Have A Great Week Everyone!