Grimms Fairytale- Cinderella

Writen By the Grimm Brothers

Cinderella, in Germany! By Leslie Hernandez

Characters: Cinderella, evil step sisters, evil step mother, and prince are all the main characters in the story "Cinderella" By the Brothers Grimm.

Exposition: The protagonist of the story is Cinderella. The antagonists are the step sisters and step mother. The setting of the story in a kingdom far, far away. The plot of the story is that the step mother does not want Cinderella to go to the Ball because she knows that she is prettier than her daughters.

Rising action: Cinderella has a magic helper which helps her get her dress and that magic helper is the birds. Cinderella goes to the ball on the third night and loses her slipper that night.

Climax: They find out that is was Cinderella.

Resolution:At the end Cinderella gets to marry the prince. Her sisters get pecked in the eye balls by the birds who helped Cinderella. The moral of the story is that evil gets punished and goodness gets rewarded.

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