Peek at the Week

February 22-26, 2016

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Monday, February 22

  • Art with Ms. Holly
Do: Read 15 minutes

Tuesday, February 23

  • Music with Janet

Do: Read 15 minutes

Substitute in the PM

Conference Night Have you signed up?

Wednesday, February 24

  • Gym with Anne

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: Library Books

Bring: Gym Shoes

Thursday, February 25

Field Trip to Old Cahill School - dress in layers! (See next section for more info)

*Chaperones: Paige P, Sarah F, Ashley R.
*Students signed up to bring lunch from home: Jack, Peyton, Emma, Adelyn, Jamison, Bernee, Zoe, Antonio, J'Saiah, Owen, Easton, Fatemeh, Lane, Elliott, Will, Samantha, Riley, Audry
  • Art with Ms. Holly

Bring: STAR folder

Do: Read 15 minutes

Conference Night Have you signed up?

Happy Birthday to Jamison!

Friday, February 26

  • Music with Janet

Bring: Homework packet

Hillcrest Spirit Day: America! Dress in red, white and blue.

6:30pm The move "Up!" will be shown in the gym. It's a free family event to continue with our school-wide Artful Learning concept of "kindness". Doors open at 6:00. Bring chairs, pillows or blankets. Concessions will be available for purchase.

Field Trip to Old Cahill School

  • Old Cahill School, originally built in 1864, is a one-room school restored as it was over one century ago.
  • A day at Old Cahill recreates a typical day in the life of a pioneer boy or girl going to school in rural Minnesota. A schoolmarm skillfully draws each student back into time through dramatic, interpretive teaching. Students enjoy a vivid role play which will help them experience American history, culture and community life. This field trip ties in with our Artful Learning concept of "Connections". In this unit, students explore school "then" and "now".
  • Children are highly encouraged to dress in pioneer style clothing. (Think of Little House on the Prairie.) For boys, consider a shirt with a collar and cuffs, a lightweight cap, overalls, knickers (roll socks over trouser legs) bandanas or wool socks. For girls, consider a long dress (with petticoats) bloomers, long stockings, high laced shoes, scarves, bonnets, aprons or large ribbons in the hair.
  • Students are asked to bring a lunch fitting to the time period: chunks of cheese, jerky, hard-boiled eggs, butter and jam sandwiches, raw fruits and vegetables. Bring a tin cup or mug to fill with water at Old Cahill. Avoid "modern" foods which are pre-made, processed and/or packaged. All lunches should be packed in a lunch pail, pie tin or basket and wrapped with a piece of cloth, which will then serve as a placemat and napkin.
  • To help give the children some background knowledge, we'll read some of the "My First Little House" books as well as watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie where Laura and Mary go to school for the first time in Walnut Grove.

Conference Sign up!

Click here to sign up for conferences. The Hillcrest webpage has links to all of the conference schedules, if you have multiple children at Hillcrest.

Artful Learning

Our unit of Connections will help of look at the past and present or "then and now". We will talk about how we connect with each other and our community. This unit ties in Minnesota Native Americans and their connection to each other and nature. We will go to Old Cahill School to see what school was like 100 years ago and compare it to how we experience school now.

Last week Dyani White Hawk (Sicangu Lakota) and Sasha Houston Brown (Lakota) came to show our class to discuss items from the culture trunk and how the items are/were used. They also brought personal items such as a jingle dress, beaded moccasins, and some pieces of beaded regalia. They let the children touch the items and ask questions.

Dyani White Hawk is the curator of a current exhibit at Artistry where one of her pieces is also on view. It is a free family friendly exhibit. Upon entry, there are flyers - one talks about viewing contemporary art with children.

Silent Auction Items

In the spring, there will be a Silent Auction at our Hillcrest Carnival. If you haven't been to the carnival before, it is an indoor event with activities and games for the entire family and the event is A LOT of fun! There will be a silent auction in the library. You don't want to miss this! Here are some items that I have seen auctioned off in the past: gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops, coffee/adult beverages, bowling parties, landscaping services, theater tickets, pieces of art, tickets to sporting events, signed memorabilia, massages, hair/beauty products, party packages, music/instrument/sport related lessons, etc. Please contact Thea Sheffert if you are able to donate a service or item to the silent auction.

Artist In Residence

This week, Tri, a dance artist from Compas, will be teaching Indonesian dance in P. E. She is Joko's wife and we will join Janet and the gamelan for a culminating event at the end of the residency. Here are some pictures of the kids playing the gamelan with Joko! This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Placement Information

Student placement consideration requests for the 2016-17 school year can be made between March 28th and April 29th by filling out a student placement consideration form. Starting March 28th placement consideration forms will be available in our school office. Completed forms must be received in person or by mail to our school office by April 29th. If you have questions, please contact Mr. K.

Upcoming Events:

February 29 - Book Fair all week

March 7 & 8 No School

March 9 - Book swap preparation - bring up to three books if you'd like to participate

March 10- Book Swap

March 11- Hillcrest Hoe Down

March 15- PTSA Meeting, 6:30 in media center

March 18- Superhero Day

March 21-25 No School - Spring Break

March 28- April 1 - Artist in Residence

April 23 - Hillcrest Carnival 12:00-3:00

*A reminder to continue collecting box tops. There will be another collection in the spring.

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