How to use technology properly

by: Rithvik N. and Aneesh P.

Top ten

Today we will teach youth top ten rules you will need to know to be a succesful student or internet user in all places


Use you hashtags properly, and be respectful social media. Every thing that you do is stored and will never come off the internet. So watch what you say... i mean type.


Use technology properly in class to avoid work overload at home. Seriously don't take advantage of your privileges. Use technology for educational purposes in class.


EMAILS.... Ya i know, they seem soon old. But that doesn't mean you can spell things wrong or say mean things and gossip behind peoples backs.


When posting a picture with other peers or classmates in it, always have there consent. Ask people if they want there picture taken for any reason.


Always stay alert and don't give your passwords to people. if you think you know what people can do out there...WELL YOU DONT.


when "reading" a ebook , really read a ebook. Don't act and multitask.


Don't use school property irresponsibly , in other words don't do something with or on the device that you wouldn't want anyone knowing about... Just don't do it.
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If something unfamiliar happens or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult immediately.


Never leave an unattended device turned on. You never know if someone will come and mess with your device.


Just be nice, the internet can be very fun and safe if everyone just gets along with each other.

Thank you

We thank you for spending time to listen to this