Week 29

April 11- April 15


Watch the video on Oedipus Rex (Antigone's father).

Discussion on Oedipus (DISCUSSION JOURNAL DUE WEDNESDAY- comments due Sunday).


Complete a family tree of Oedipus (either a picture or a Glogster). Share it with the class on the blog.


Watch the two videos on Greek theatre.

Write a journal explaining the similarities/differences of theatre during Greek times and theatre today.

Collaborate session 9:00pm.


Read Antigone scenes i and ii in your textbook.


Antigone Reading and Vocabulary Quiz

Grammar Quiz- Objective Pronouns

The password will be given during our Collaborate session.

Antigone Movie

I have put up the first part of the movie for you to watch on your own if you wish- the play is in Greek, but there are subtitles. It may help you visualize the movie if you watch it instead of just reading the play!

Please note that there are four videos (40 minutes).

Big image