Post-Mortem of Me

Gabby Rader

My descriptive words about me

  • Weird
  • Crazy
  • Loud
  • Wild
  • Funny
  • Understanding
  • Pretty (Elizabeth's words)
  • Outgoing
  • Talkative
  • Awesome

My interests and hobbies

  • Music- My passion and my best friend
  • Volleyball- My sport, my way to express feelings
  • Marching Band- My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world
  • Band- My second favorite thing to do in the whole wide world
  • Food!!- The best thing in the whole world...also the yummiest

Images that I enjoy

My mom is my biggest influence on me

My favorite book and movie

My favorite book is called The Lovely Bones. It is about a girl who technically walks into her own death. It is a very sad and disturbing book. But the girl looks down on her family from heaven and she finds signs to show her parents

My favorite movie is the Hunger Games. It is an exciting and bone chilling movie. It makes me wonder and I can never wait for the next movie to come out. They always get me jumping out of my seat and they always make me scream at the screen.


We are born to be real not fake.

- unknown

Life Journey's

I haven't been many places in my life but the places I have been have really taught me a lot. I once went to Kansas for about a year. That's the year my little sister was born eight years ago. It has impacted me greatly. She has made my life miserable. She is the devil in a girl's body. I have also been to California. In California I learned that just because you live in a big city doesn't mean it's always good. I have also been all around Texas in family trips and just moving to a new town. I like to travel.
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Reason why my poem describes me

This poem is so me. It describes me perfectly. I am weird and i turn other people weird like I am. I can't help my weirdness. It is a natural instinct for me to be weird. If I wasn't weird I wouldn't be me.

My dreams

My dream school is UT. I have always dreamed of going to UT. After my years in college I plan on being a nurse. I plan on having two kids. One boy and then one girl. All after I get married of course. I think my futuristic plans are pretty good. I hope to achieve them one day.

things that make me giggle

When I am with my friends and we have funny moments I will bust out laughing. My friends are the ones that always make me laugh or my little brothers and little sister. They always make me laugh when they fall on their faces or when they try to be funny and make a stupid joke. My family and friends are pretty cool and always make me laugh when I am feeling down.