Death Valley Biome

Information about Death Valley by: Ali Anwar


Death valley is one of many desert biomes in the world. Many deserts have the same threats and problems like Death Valley. The most common threat to all deserts is off-road driving. There are many other threats harming the desert. To be a desert it depends on how much precipitation the biome gets. Many organisms live here and adapt in different ways.
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Where is Death Valley Located?

Death valley is located in the United States in California by the border line of Nevada. It is by the top East area.
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Death Valley is the hottest and one of the driest deserts in the whole world. The average temperature in the day is about 87 to 101 degrees fahrenheit. However, at night it gets much cooler and quiet. At night the average temperature is 66 degrees fahrenheit. This place barely gets any precipitation. Average precipitation a year is 2.33 inches of precipitation.


Like many deserts Death Valley also has the same kind of threats. In my opinion and other scientist's opinion, off-road vehicles are the major threat. Not only are they giving off fuel to go in the atmosphere which causes global warming, but they also ruin soil for plants. Plants are a huge part in the desert because they contain water and many animals rehydrate themselves from those plants. Many animals live in burrows, and vehicles can run over them destroying habitats and can kill organisms. Many don't realize this is a threat, but those who do are trying to stop it by stopping vehicles from entering the desert.