Digital Footprint

What are the lasting affects of your digital footprint?

Affects On Your Life


Things you post online can affect future jobs. Many people including, police officers, teachers, senators, and even governors lost their job because of what they have done or said online. People have also not been able to get a job because of their negative digital footprint.

School and Everyday

Some student or club athletes have been kicked off of teams and students have been kicked out of school for the things they have done online. Kids have also had trouble trying to get into college because of their posts or texts. People have even been arrested for the inappropriate pictures and sayings they posted online.

How to protect your digital footprint

  • Don't hide behind your screen name.
  • Don't assume what you post is private.
  • Know everything you see online isn't always true.
  • Protect your reputation.
  • Think before you send/post.

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