Zhangye Danxia

December 10,2014 By: Connor M.

God's Painting Pallet

You've probably seen pictures of mountains, but have you ever seen a rainbow mountain? Zhangye Danxia, also called God's painting pallet, is a rainbow mountain range. This happened by mineral deposits and red sand stone from around over 24 million years ago. Zhangye Danixa is one of God's most beautiful mountain ranges, and it interests people from around the world.


Why is this place interesting? Well let me tell you. They look like they are upon an alien planet, but they are on our own planet! Zangye Danxia is located in China, and it is a national park. You can take free bus rides throughout the park once you have passed the park entrance. You don't have to go to space to be fascinated by land forms. It is truly one of God's most beautiful land forms.
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