First Grade News

5/2 - 5/6

Upcoming Events

5/2 - 5/6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

5/2 - Wear Sweatbands

5/3 - Wear Favorite Football Jersey

5/4 - Wear Pjs and Slippers

5/5 - Wear a Baseball Hat

5/6 - Wear a Soccer Jersey

5/6 - National School Nurse Day

Spelling List - Test on Friday

  1. haul
  2. cause
  3. saw
  4. claw
  5. paw
  6. dawn
  7. book
  8. took
  9. what*
  10. when*
*High Frequency Words

Optional Challenge Words

  1. fault
  2. awful
  3. permit
  4. solution
  5. humble

Plano Enrichment (PEP) Summer School

· PEP Summer Classes held June 8 – June 30th, Monday-Fridays from 8:30-12:30 p.m.

· Transportation is provided from Wells to the PEP campus (Skaggs) and back to Wells after 12:30

· Financial Assistance for students who qualify for the free/reduced meals program this year

· Lots of fun enrichment class opportunities and "building block" courses to reinforce grade level skills.

· (If your child has been recommended for another summer program, schedule and locations may be different than the PEP courses above.)

· SUMMER SCHOOL ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: May 13th for all programs.

Please request a packet from your child’s teacher or go online:

Contact: with questions about the programs/registration.

Online registration is only available for current PISD students. When you register online, you may select one or two classes. They must be selected at the same time you are enrolling. If you register for one class online and decide later to add another class, you must contact the summer school office at (469) 752-8017 or

1. Go to PISD Parent Portal ( Select my PISD Parent Portal and login.

2. Go to Summer School

3. Choose Summer School Registration

Learning Targets

Language Arts/Social Studies
  • I can identify the characteristics of a Fairy Tale.
  • I can blend and spell words with vowel digraphs /u/ (a, au, augh, aw).
  • I can visualize a story to make inferences.
  • I can blend sounds to form words.
  • I can use vocabulary words to retell a story.
  • I can explain the difference between goods and services.
  • I can make inferences about goods and services.
  • I can explain spending and saving.
  • I can help others in need by charitable giving.
  • I can collect and organize finances in a table.
  • I can understand financial literacy.
  • I can identify and compare the parts of a plant.
  • I can identify the parts of a pollination system.