By Alejandro Banchs 8th period

What is Judaism?

Judaism is a religion created by Abraham. The Jewish followers are commonly called Jews. They have to follow the ten commandments, the ones given to Abraham on mount Cyanide by God. Also, They believe that they have to study the Torah (their holy book), and their holiest day is Friday. Furthermore, they strongly believe that everyone is equal. Some Jews do not eat pork, they only eat kosher food. Also, Jewish children at the age of 13 have a bar Mitzvah (for boys) or bat Mitzvah (for girls) in order to get more into the Jewish religion. All Jews are supposed to go to a Synagogue to worship God. The people who teach religion in Synagogues are called Rabbis. The Jewish holy book has more names than just the Torah, its also commonly called the Tanakh or the Tanach. Judaism has lots and lots of Holidays, two of which are Hanukkah and Yom Kippur. Hanukkah is the celebration of a miracle where oil in a lamp lasted 8 times more than it should have. Yom Kippur, meanwhile, is the end of fasting, which is a cause for celebration. The Western Wall or, as you may have heard it, The Weeping Wall is a very holy landmark for the Jewish peoples. They often visit it just to pray inside. Two things that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common is that they are all monotheistic (believe in one god) and were created by Abraham.