There easy to get!

How to get a concussion

You may not know this but getting a minor concussion is as easy as walking. In fact you can get a concussion by just walking into something. That's why you don't text and walk! But the question is why does it happen and how? Well it happens when you hit your head hard then your brain starts to shake in your head. some symptoms

How can you prevent a concussion

You might have a question like how can i prevent a concussion. Well first of all you need a helmet even tho it doesn't prevent concussion people still recommend it. Now you can't really prevent a concussion but you can have a less change of having one. if you wanna have no concussion you have to be careful and look out also only go places you can go if your skiing or snowboarding.
Chris Smalling and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar England vs Holland (MUST WATCH)


Now remember getting a concussion is very easy so think before you do. If you are a hockey player your chance es of a concussion are higher. But well if your a in doors person then you have a lower chance of a concussion. Everything you do all depends on the safety you a you need to all equipment to play hockey.