The Bratty Beauty

Riley Belk B3


All I wanted was a kiss. Just a simple kiss. I mean, was that too much to ask?! I'm beautiful! That is why they named me "Bratty Beauty" after all. But I don't agree, I'm not bratty. Not one bit! Anyway, I had tried for a kiss several, well LOTS of times... all major fails. But this one time, I did it! I succeeded!

Rising action

I had woken up to Money Mother shaking me. Ugh, It was the weekend! In my defense, I needed my beauty sleep so I ignored her. I fell back asleep, but a couple minutes later I decided to get up. It's not like I'm nosy or anything, but I heard MY name on the phone so of course I had to do a little eavesdropping.

Rising Action

Then, I kid you not, she was on the phone with Perfect Prince! I listened closer and heard her say "Perfect Prince, come quick! Bratty Beauty is dead and only true loves kiss can save her! Oh, and a little money would be nice for my new bracelets... um, I mean for Bratty Beauty's doctor visit... after you save her." She says the last part through her teeth so you could tell she was mad.


Anyway, Money Mother was still on the phone with Perfect Prince when arrived at the castle. It was unbelievable how fast he had got here! i knew this would be my only chance to get a kiss! I quickly ran back to the bed. The rest happened so fast. But, he did it! He kissed me!

Falling Action

I couldn't help it. I got up and started doing a happy dance. I did it for about five minutes until I saw the look on Perfect prince's face. It was all making sense to him now. "You tricked me!" he yelled. "That's right!" I said happily. He walked out, Shaking his dead. Oh well, time to move on to the next!