My sketches and some of my work

(some of my work is unfinished)

Here Is some of my work

In my spare time I go and draw random pictures, sketches, designs. I sometimes draw with pencil and paper but I mainly draw on the computer using ether paint or Photoshop while only using a mouse. It is very difficult keeping a steady hand and using the mouse to draw something with out making the image curving or making a mess of it.

I don't own a graphics table which would make drawing on the computer easier but I like a challenge and drawing with the computer mouse is a challenge it self because you must move the mouse very slowly and I must keep my right hand as straight as possible to be able to draw.

Here are some my pictures I have drawn, keep in mind these drawing are not finished, I intend to finish them some time in the future but at the moment I don't have the time.

For a short time I was into tribal mask's which I try to create and design, the picture on the left was the start of a tribal mask. The one in the middle is finished I drew it as a troll based tribal mask. The picture on the right It was men't to be a tribal mask but I turned into a comical based Mayan head

One of my most proudest moments of my drawings is when I drew a replica of a revolver. At the time when I drew it I drew it on paint since I didn't have Photoshop The image may be a bit blurry.
I need to update this picture but this picture took weeks to get right, over time I have gotten a lot better at drawing weapons and fire arms. The hammer and the handle could do with more work to make it look good.

When I got Photoshop I went back to this picture and the I kinda cannibalized this gun and turned into a ray gun or a lazer pistol, I based my design on the ray gun from Call of Duty zombies. This is another one of my drawings that isn't finished ignore the handle of this ray gun I trying to come up with some kind of design for the handle.

When I fist started this college I drew three pictures that are far from being finished, I drew both of them in college drawing them in my spare time and sometimes with in lessons.
You should know I am monkey mad, I love monkeys and apes Now and again I draw monkeys and some pictures of apes in my spare time, I have sketch books filled with my drawings of monkeys, apes and jungles. The drawings you will about to see are drawings I constantly update to make them look good.
The next set of drawings are part this project I have started. I am fan of the fallout games and the latest one out is Fallout new vegas one of my favourite games of all time, on front of the cover of the game is image of a ranger one of the most powerful and difficult enemies in the game, I decided to draw my own version of the ranger in my own style.

I added a Gray background and did a rough sketch of the ranger in a yellow outline, after that I add a black outline and start adding detail the picture.

After I added the detailed black lines I drew a hand holding a gun for the Ranger I have drawn. I first drew how the handle and the trigger are held by the hand. I then drew the hammer and the cylinder barrel where the cartriges go.

I then added the barrel of gun, now my hand looks like it is holding a gun and the gun looks like a revolver.

I then added the gun and rotated the image for the gun to be in the hand of the ranger
Here I added the other hand, I drew as a fist.
Made the whole drawing white so its easy to add color, detail that I have missed and maybe a background of new Vegas. Once that is all done I would say I am finished with this drawing.