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Fast Fact

Continent: Asia

Capital: Taipei

Population: 23,415,126

Area: 13,892 mile

Main Languages: Mandarin Chinese

Main Religion: Buddhist and Taoist

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C: 7882.41 miles


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In Taiwan, people eat rice, soup, seafood, pork, chicken, fruit, and vegetables in every meal. People for breakfast eat fruit or cereal, but they while always drink soy milk.

In lunch or dinner people eat rice, soup, seafood, pork, chicken, fruit, and vegetables. People eat rice in almost every meal. They also add sauce in lunch and dinner.


In Taiwan, they celebrate many holidays like Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, and festivals. For Chinese New Year they set fireworks, have feasts, and worship others. For Tomb Sweeping Day they dust tombs of ancestors. Finally festivals have many types.


In Taiwan, at school , attendance is 100% everyday. When going to school, schooling is free for 9 years. They only teach literature, science, and math. Physical Education is less emphasized.


In Taiwan, people don't eat that much breakfast in the morning. For breakfast people eat buns, bread, or fried breadsticks. At night, people go out to eat dinner. When going out to eat, restaurant are the most popular. At restaurants, the main host while always pay when eating out.


In Taiwan, people mostly go here for family or to visit certain places. When going to Taiwan, before entering a apartment or house, you must take off your shoes. When visitors visit they receive tea, candy, fruit, nuts, pastries, and soft drinks.

Things I would do or visit

I would like to visit the temples they have. I would also look at the Chiang Kai-shek Statue. Also try the food they have. I would also try the food. Like soy milk and their seafood.
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This is the Taiwan's flag.
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